Balayage Before & After Dallas

Balayage Before & After Dallas

Service Performed: New root color and Balayage highlights

Why It Was Needed: My client wanted something different but very low maintenance due to her busy schedule.  So I deepened her base color and added highlights using the Balayage technique.

Type Of Hair: The before picture shows my clients hair at its natural state, which is slightly textured.  Her hair is medium but a lot of it,making her hair very thick.

Products Used: To get her hair smooth I used Royal Blowout by Oribe, and Supershine by Oribe.

The Process: I started with deepening her base color with 5/5 and 6/47 with 1.9% equal parts. Using four quadrants I only applied at the base area making sure to use the side of my brush to diffuse.  From each quadrant I took sections and used my Balayage technique to give a soft but already grown out look!


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