Brad Bykkonen Dallas Hairstylist

Brad Bykkonen Dallas Stylist Q&A:

I started just a small town boy who loved fashion and beauty. I used to pour over Vogue and Harpers Bazzar magazines and marvel at all of the fashion editorial art on the pages. I wasn’t a very good studend. Not because I wasn’t smart but because I wasn’t a good learner. Traditional classroom learning isn’t for me so I knew I wasn’t going to college.

I took a vocational course of cosmetology when I was in high school and that was it for me. I never looked back. Since then I’ve been privileged to work with so many wonderful and talented people and was able to learn so much from them. I’m still learning today which is so important to me. There is always more to take in and absorb.

I don’t consider myself an artist. To me the term is too vague. I’m a craftsman. I’ve honed my craft over 2 decades of hard work and learning. Hair is such a wonderful substance to work with. It can take many shapes and forms, it’s amazing.

Why do you love hair?  Because it gives me the ability to make someone feel beautiful.

Favorite service(s) to provide: I like all services but I’m partial to formal / editorial styling

Favorite book? Son of a Grifter. It’s a story about a sociopathic mother and how she manipulated her sons into committing crimes for her.

If you were on a trip and your luggage was lost, what 3 hair products would you have to have in your carry on? I am a buzz cut kinda guy – so I probably wouldn’t be carrying on many hair products! I would save the room for something important like sunscreen for my head. For my clients, I would recommend a travel size Oribe shampoo, conditioner and styling product that suited their hair type. I’m practical like that.

If you had to do one style of hair for the rest of your life, what would it be? The bob. Looks so simple but it’s so not.

Grade you got on your first hair test? We never had hair test per-se so we didn’t have grades. If it wasn’t right we were told to do it again. And again.

Personal Hair Horror Story: I colored my hair black for a short while and needed to be blonde quickly so I  bleached my hair so many times in one day I had scabs on my scalp. After that, I have treated blondes with extra special care. Nobody needs to get hurt when going blonde!

Favorite cocktail? I don’t really have a favorite cocktail but I do love a good eggs benedict for breakfast.

Is there one gift you don’t mind getting over and over again? Cash. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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