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Raquel Martinez Dallas Hair Stylist

Raquel Martinez Dallas Stylist Q&A:

I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. My birthday is April 22.  I have my mother, my stepdad, two sisters, three brothers and an awesome niece that I love, which I’m the oldest of them all. I went to College right after I graduated high school for three years, and I got accepted into the medical imaging program but after I declined my acceptance I moved to Fort Worth in 2012.

While I was in Fort Worth I attended Ogle School of Hair Skin and Nails, and graduated soon after.  I moved to Dallas in January of 2014.  I’ve always been a big city girl and knew what I wanted to do since I got my hands in some hair, in Dallas is where I found my salon home at The Beauty Box Salon.

Since I have been with The Beauty Box Salon I completed my apprenticeship program. I also recently visited Orlando, Florida and completed an intensive four days of training to become a Bumble & Bumble network educator.  I work teaching product knowledge and the latest Bumble&Bumble knowledge to our salon.

One of my biggest goals for myself are to be an educator, to be behind the chair, and to travel all at the same time.  What I’m most thankful for is having a talent that I love and having the ability to utilize my skills so I can one day pass my knowledge on to someone else.  My mom for being a great support system and role model. And my boss Chris for giving me everything I need to become successful.  At the end of the day I hope to influence, inspire, and motivate individuals.

Why do I love hair? I always have since I was a little girl. I knew that this what I always wanted to do. Theres something about the creativity the knowledge and the freedom that hair gives me,it always has.

Favorite services to provide: Styling hair, I feel like it’s the cherry on top of everything!

Favorite book? Right now my favorite book I have been reading is Act Like A Success Think Like A Success by Steve Harvey, but I have so many favorites, really anything that can provide me knowledge on becoming a better individual.

If you were on a trip and your luggage was lost, what essential hair products would you have to have in your carry-on? Definitely surf spray,pret a powder,and dryspun they are a must!

If you had to do one hairstyle for the rest of your life what would it be? A blowout with lots of volume!

Grade you got on your first hair test? An A+ duh

Personal hair horror story? I was going into the sixth grade my baby brother was going to be in kindergarten, and we were all starting school the very next day. For some reason I got an urge to want to cut some hair and my brother and sister would not let me, my poor baby brother agreed to…. So I cut and cut until he had no more hair. He started his first day of school with a bald head. We laugh about it now but my mom was not happy and I was in big trouble.

Favorite cocktail? Patron margarita with salt and extra lime!

Is there one gift you don’t mind getting over and over again? Flowers I love them

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