Best Haircuts in Dallas

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Best Haircuts in Dallas

The Beauty Box Salon is know for some of the best haircuts in Dallas. Here is some basics on what makes any haircut a great one.

The 5 basic haircuts are:

1. The Pixie – The pixie is a short haircut cut directly out from the head shape at the same length all the way around. This has had many versions throughout the decades. From the classic to leaving it a bit longer in the front one thing remains the same. It’s always cut straight out from the head shape. There are no angles or weight to this haircut.

2. The Wedge – The wedge is a short haircut cut on a 45 degree angle in the back of the head shape. The classic Vidal Sassoon 5 point cut was his brilliant yet funky version of a wedge. Dorothy Hammil was the poster child for the wedge haircut in the 70’s. I know this sounds like an old haircut that nobody wants, but in fact the classic wedge shape is all over the place in the streets and fashion magazines. It’s referred to now as a Graduated haircut. I prefer the term Wedge. Graduated has too many interpretations that don’t really follow the classic definition.

3. The Bob – The bob is a classic from the roaring 1920’s. Back when women threw out their corstes, chopped their skirts up to the knee and chopped their hair leaving it “bobbed”. I don’t think I need to explain how this style has been a staple of every decade since it blew the door off main street fashion in the 20’s.

4. The Layered – The layered cut is a medium to long haircut that has layers and movement cut into it by holding the hair out from the head and creating movement and most importantly removing weight. Layered cuts are everywhere, predominantly in styles below the shoulders.

5. The Asymmetrical – The asymmetrical haircut is the funkiest of them all. It’s basically any version of the 4 previous with one side noticably shorter than the other. This is by far my favorite of them all. It can be chic and punk at the same time.

All modern haircuts are versions or combinations of these 5 basic haircuts. Which one are you? 

The Best Haircuts in Dallas start at The Beauty Box Salon.