Dallas Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

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This method goes by several different names, microlinks, locks, locs, microcylinder, and even cold fusion. Dallas Cold Fusion Hair Extensions – It is based on the same idea as fusion hair extensions. This system is comprised of small cylinder rings or “tubes” that are made of copper or aluminum. This is what is referred to as the lock, microlink or microcylinder.

The microlinks are painted in a variety of colors so when they are attached at the base of the hair they are less detectable. Dallas Cold Fusion Hair Extensions – the idea is that the microlinks match the color of the hair they are being attached to. They are also available in different sizes to accommodate different hair densities.

The process involves attaching 25-30 individual strands of hair with the microlink. The actual strand of hair is held together by either hard hot glue tip or a rubber tip. A full length application can require 200+ microlinks. Typical application time is from 2-4 hours.

The micronlinks are sometimes lined with rubber to create a buffer from the outer metal shell. There are times when it is not necessary to have this rubber lining. It just depends on what the hair itself is tipped with.  If it is tipped with the hard glue base then a rubber lined lock (microlink) will be needed. If the hair extension is tipped with rubber then a rubber lined lock is not necessary.

These hair extensions are applied by threading a tool ( ie: a looped wire ) through the hole in the microcylinder. This tool is used to grab about enough hair to fit through the microlink. This would be very similar to the ideas of threading a needle.

The clients hair is pulled through the microlink. A plier like tool is then used to clamp the microlink onto the clients hair.

Dallas Cold Fusion Hair Extensions – This attachment is a great alternative to glue, heat and does not require any chemicals to remove. Check ups are required approximately every 6-8 weeks. These extensions can be reused because the microlinks aka microcylinders can be replaced. These hair extensions can be reused over and over until the actual hair or material holding the extension strand wears out.

This hair extension method is not for everyone. People with thinner, finer hair will find this hair extension method heavy and hard to conceal. The reapplication of the microlinks can also be a tedious time consuming task.

New innovations in hair extension technology have made this method more user friendly and easier to use. Klix hair extensions are comprised of a seamless weft that have harilocs aka microlinks attached to the base. It is attached using the the microlink method. It is faster because more hair can be applied in a shorter amount of time.

Balmain Double Hair is also attached using micronlinks. Hair is threaded through a wefted base and microlinks are used to secure this weft in place.


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