We all want beautiful, long voluminous hair but unfortunately not all of us were blessed with gorgeous hair. The upside is that nowadays EVERYONE can have that glamorous Kim Kardashian look with hair extensions. Before you jump on board let me breakdown a couple things you need to know before you jump on the Dallas Hair Extension bandwagon.

Why Dallas Hair Extensions are Not One Size Does Not Fit All

You’re probably thinking “nah, they’re too expensive or my hair is too thin.” Well in case you didn’t know hair extensions is not a “one size fits all.” There are several types of hair extensions and we guarantee there is one for you too. At The Beauty Box Salon we ask that our clients book a consultation because it’s important that we achieve our client’s goal when it comes to extensions. We factor in your budget (of course), your lifestyle, and your desired result.

One of my favorite Dallas Hair Extensions is our tape in extensions. What we love about our tape-in extensions is that they are thin which means they will not be sticking out from your hair. Tape in hair extensions are great for fine to medium hair and can be worn 12 weeks and up.

Bellami, Klix and Balmain Double Hair Extensions are perfect for thicker hair that needs lots of extensions to make it longer and it will give you lots of volume. These too can be worn 12 weeks and up.

Last but certainly not least we have our Rolls Royce of Dallas hair extensions, Hairdreams, which are our fusion hair extensions or strand by strand method. Hairdreams is ideal for most types of hair. If you have an active lifestyle then these just might be the hair extension system for you. The hair on these extensions is very high quality and can be worn for up to 6 months.

Just like our hair requires haircuts and maintenance so do hair extensions. As professional hairdressers we promise to educate you on how to care for your hair extension investment. These are a few of our permanent hair extensions but for those who just want a little volume on the weekends or for your sister’s July wedding, there are many temporary options. We have our Halo Couture, Halo Original, Halo Plus, our Easipart and Easifringe, and our Easihair clip-in extensions.

If you are wondering if you would be a good candidate  for extensions call The Beauty Box Salon and we will gladly book a complimentary consultation and go over our selection in extensions and we will definitely find one that will work for you.


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