My Take on Dallas Tape-In Hair Extensions

My Take on Dallas Tape-In Hair Extensions

I recently had the Best Dallas Tape-in Hair Extensions put in my hair, and let just start off by saying I LOVE THEM!! I have worn several other types of hair extensions. I have liked most of them, however, I have to say that these are by far my favorite. As a stylist I think that it is important for me to wear and understand the hair extension products that I use.

Dallas Tape-in Hair Extensions

They gave me so much body and volume. I didn’t expect that. Everyone thinks about hair extensions making their hair longer. It does, however, you forget that it makes your hair thicker and fuller too!

I love that tape in hair extensions are very close to the scalp and they are not bulky – so unless I point it out, no one would ever know I wear extensions. That is definitely a must when wearing hair extensions. I would hate for someone to call me out because they can see the panels. Which would be due to bad placement and poor workmanship. (I take pride in my work as a stylist – I would never let this happen to you!)

I love the way they feel on my head and to be honest, I sometimes forget that I even have them on my head! That’s how light and comfortable they are. The quality of the hair is great. I did go a little longer than my natural hair and it blends perfectly and I thought I would experience a lot of tangles but I haven’t. I love wearing my extensions curly and they hold the perfect curl. Every so often I do wear them straight. Either way it looks amazing!

Tape-in Hair Extensions are meant to last about 12 weeks which includes a one-time reapplication. In my opinion, that is a perfect time frame. Tape-in extensions are ideal for someone who has never worn extensions before and wants to experience them for the first time.

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