Best Salon for Halo Original Hair Extensions Dallas

Don’t have a regular day. Have a HALO day! 

Halo Original “clip-free” Hair Extensions are taking Dallas by storm! These clipless hair extensions are a revolutionary because of their simple design and fast application. It doesn’t matter if you are a hair extension veteran or if you have never worn extensions you are going to love the Halo!

Halo Hair Extensions Dallas Texas

How does it work?

Just like the name implies you simply place onto your head like a “halo”.  Your own hair gets pulled over the monofilament wire and the rest of the Halo Hair Extension. Once the Halo Hair Extension | Dallas is in place it is virtually undetectable.

Halo Hair Extensions Dallas Texas are very secure and damage free. Most people don’t know that wearing clip-in extensions too frequently can cause breakage and even alopecia. Halo Hair Extensions | Dallas are safe and can be worn as much as you like.

Halo Hair Extensions Dallas Texas

What type of hair?
100% Remy Human Hair

How long will the Halo Hair Extensions Dallas Texas last?
3-5 months with regular wear


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