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Halo Hair Extensions Dallas TX

We have halo hair extensions in stock. Book a free consult and see what a halo can do for you.


As a leading Dallas hair extension salon, (I like to think so!) I pride myself on knowing the latest and greatest hair extension technology. I am excited to share with you one of the coolest hair extension product since Jose Eber decided to put clips on wefted hair in the ‘80’s – Halo Hair Extensions | Dallas.

Halo Hair Extensions Dallas TX are a little bit of magic. Halo’s can transform your look in under a minute. Yep – that’s how long it takes to put them in your hair.

Why should I get Halo Hair Extensions Dallas TX?

  • If you have ever thought about getting clip in extensions (or have) this is the product for you.
  • If you have ever thought about getting permanent extensions but didn’t want the hassle – Halo Extensions are for you!
  • If you are taking a break from wearing hair extensions – Halo Hair Extensions are for you!
  • If you want thicker/fuller and/or longer hair – Halo Extensions are for you!
  • If you are bored with your look and want an instant change – Halo Hair Extensions are for you!

What makes the Halo so darn cool?

  • Halo Hair Extensions Dallas TX are totally clip-free.
  • Completely damage free.
  • Halo Hair Extensions apply in under 2 minutes.
  • Halo Extensions are made of 100% human hair.
  • Halo Hair Extensions are good for volume and/or length.
  • No commitment! Flip in flip out.

How the heck do Halo Hair Extensions Dallas TX work?

Just like the name implies you simply place onto your head like a “halo”. Your own hair gets pulled over the monofilament wire and the rest of the Halo Hair Extension. Once the Halo Hair Extension | Dallas is in place it is virtually undetectable.

Halo Hair Extensions are very secure and damage free. Most people don’t know that wearing clip-in extensions too frequently can cause breakage and even alopecia. Halo Hair Extensions | Dallas are safe and can be worn as much as you like.

A Tale of 3 Halo Hair Extension Systems

Types of Halo Hair Extensions Dallas

In the photo: Halo Couture is on top, Halo Original in the middle, and Halo Plus bottom.

At our Dallas Hair Extension Salon we don’t believe in one size fits all. We believe in options! This is why we offer 3 different kinds of Halo Hair Extensions.

Halo Original Extensions  – Halo Original hair extensions are a very affordable option when diving into the world of Halo Hair Extensions. They are made of 100% remy human hair. Halo Original Extensions are priced very affordably. They will last about 3 months with regular wear and care.

Halo Couture Extensions  – A couple things make the Halo Couture different from the Halo Original. The base is longer. This is great for anyone with a little bit bigger head or if someone is really wanting to make their hair longer. Halo Couture Extensions have more hair and will last a bit longer than the Original – 6-8 months with regular wear and care.

Halo Plus Extensions – Halo plus is the best of both worlds. Halo Plus Hair Extensions come with a stretchy comfortable wire and there are clips strategically placed on the base for extra security. Clips can be removed if you don’t need or want them. Halo Plus Extensions are designed primarily for volume. Hair quality is superb. You can expect to get about a years worth of use out of these.

Why should I buy my Halo Hair Extensions Dallas TX from a salon and not online?

  • We have Halo Hair Extensions in stock. Chances are we have your color. If not we can get it in within a couple days.
  • You can touch, feel, and try on a Halo at our Dallas Salon.
  • We have experts that can help you figure out which Halo Hair Extension system is right for you.
  • Color is always the hardest thing to figure out. We can help with that! We can match you to a stock color or we can even customize the color for you!
  • We will make sure the fit of the Halo Hair Extension is perfect.
  • You will probably need it cut and styled to get it to blend properly – Our stylists are trained on the proper way to cut Halo Hair Extensions to make them look their best.
  • We can show you how to use your halo and how to maintain it.
  • If you want to order online you can do so on our sister site: Hair Extension Geek. If the color isn’t right or if you need it customized you can bring it into our Highland Park Salon.

The short of it is that Halo Hair Extensions are a fantastic choice for just about anyone who wants more hair. The simplicity of Halo Hair Extensions will win just about any skeptic over. The question isn’t if you should get Halo Hair Extensions – it’s what kind.

The Beauty Box Salon | Dallas looks forward to walking you through the wonderful world of Halo Hair Extensions.


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