How Hair Do’s Turn Into Hair Don’t | Dallas Hair

How Hair Do’s Turn Into Hair Don’t | Dallas Hair

Trends and fads come and go. In the hairstyle department they seem to morph from hot trends into bad soccer mom do's relatively quickly. It always seems to happen but for me the ones that never seemed to die were the scrunched Madonna like style from the 80's and the Posh Spice bob. 

Remember when this was hot?   


 Then it turned into this. 


then this. 


A trend that started in the early 80's didn't go away until the "Rachel" took over.


Even that was taken to the extreme. 


That lasted a while until the "Posh" or the angled bob took over. It was very cute at first.


But the angle wasn't severe enough for some. 


Then it wasn't layered enough for others. 


Then it took on a life of it's own. 


Now it just looks like a helmet. 


Believe me, I've looked all over the internet and these are the worst I could find. Which are brilliant compared to what I see on the street. It's natural to want to put your own spin on things but when you take a basic look and start tweeking it too much the look is lost. 

Umm, the below is just crazy looking.

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