Just Clip Some In | Hair Extensions

Just Clip Some In | Hair Extensions

As a hair professional, I’m here to help you feel as good about yourself and your look as I possibly can. This can involve many things. A haircut, a color, a great style out and even beautiful hair extensions. Some people hear the words “hair extensions” and immediately think “ I want those, sign me up” and some may think “ I want those but they’re way too expensive”.

It is true, there is a higher cost to wearing permanent hair extensions, however there are alternatives. There are clip in extensions (and Halo Hair Extensions). Just about every hair extension company has a version of clip in hair extensions for occasional wear. These are a great and less expensive way to pump up your look. There are also several different types of clip in extension systems. There are multiple piece wefted systems that clip in the back and the sides for a full extension look and there are some that are one piece that clip around the back or that bump up the top of your hair. There are even some that clip in the front for a temporary fringe look.

I’m sure there are many questions going through your mind such as “ will people notice that it’s not my hair?” or “ how long does my hair have to be in order to make them blend?”.  As long as they are a match to your hair color and your hair is at least 2” below your shoulders there should be no problem blending.  The best way to insure this is to purchase your extensions by someone who does them in the salon. That way they have knowledge of the product and can customize them to suit you.

Adding hair is a great way to enhance your look and is nothing to be afraid of. Clip in’s (and Halo Hair Extensions) are a great and less expensive way to start.

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