Clip in hair extensions are a take on the now classic wefted hair extension. Clips are sewn onto the wefted hair which allows them to be quickly attached and removed with ease.

Toupee clips or butterfly clips are used because they offer a strong yet flexible hold. The term butterfly clip was invented in order describe the back and forth movement of the clip. If you snap it one way the clip locks into place. If you snap the other way it unlocks.

In the 80’s Jose Eber came out with what is now a universal version of clip in human hair extensions called “Secret Hair”.

His infomercial was played frequently and was an instant success. Woman could now have the long luxurious hair they had always dreamed of in minutes. Of course with no damage and little to no effort on their part.

Eber’s infomercial would not only bring clip in hair extensions into the limelight but would mold the hair extension industry in general.

As clip-in hair extension technology was perfected with smaller, lighter and more reliable clips, clip-in hair extensions became a mainstream consumer must have product and is now part of everyday life for fashion conscious ladies who like to change their look without having to change their lifestyle.

Clip in hair extensions have grown to describe the classic 8 piece wefted set (which has become the industry standard) as well as a plethora of hair pieces with a variety of different clips.

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