The Art of Gorgeous Hair Extensions Dallas

The Art of Gorgeous Hair Extensions Dallas

Being in the beauty industry for some time I’ve seen products and styles come in and out of fashion like the mythical winds of Chicago. I thought hair extensions would be like this. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Let’s take it back – like way back. In the olden days, like the late 80’s early 90’s, hair extensions were big and bulky. This worked because everyone had big permed hair! You could hide the magic easier that way. There were 3 basic ways that most women (and some men) had extensions applied.

  • Fusion–  Giant strands of hair that were applied by a keratin resin. Similar idea to what is done today. The main difference being how small the hair extension strands are now compared to back then.
  • Sewn in Weft – A hair extension weft was sewn into a corn row braid.
  • Glued in Weft – A hair extension weft  that was simply glued onto the hair and scalp.  You had to be very careful with this kind of hair extension. It was very fragile. You could be walking down the street and lose a track. I think that this is how the tumbleweave was born.

As with other gimmicky things in the hair industry, I thought that the way of the weave would be out in a matter of years. I loved the idea of hair extensions, however, the reality seemed unrealistic. They took too long to apply. Not many people did them and because of the technology, hair extensions could really mess up your hair.

If you were lucky enough to live somewhere that had a stylist who could do extensions for you back then then you know just how expensive they were. The general consensus was that extension were for celebrities and rich people.

Hair Extensions Today

Happily the hair extension industry kept growing and evolving. Hair extensions are smaller and faster to apply. It really has only been within the last 10 years that hair extension technology has caught up with what people really want.

There are lots of hair extension different systems out there that can help people achieve the look they want. Happiness is a brand new set of hair extensions, therefore, we sell happiness at my salon.

Check out the latest and greatest hair extension technology.

The problem with hair extensions today is completely different from the old school days. Now any hairdresser can sign up for a weekend class and be churning out extensions first thing Tuesday morning. This is scary – let me tell you why. It took me many years for me to learn the art and craft of hair extensions. A doctor can’t learn surgery in a weekend and you can’t learn to do gorgeous hair extension either!

I hate scare tactic marketing. I just feel very strongly that you should have all the information. More than any other time in history, you can have the hair of your dreams. I think that when technology meets the skill of a passionate hairdresser great things can happen.

At my salon, my team and I believe in the art of gorgeous hair extensions Dallas. The only thing we need is a canvas – that’s you. We beweave in Gorgeous Hair Extensions Dallas – and a sense of humor. If you are interested achieving your hair dreams, then you should book a consult. It’s free, that’s just the way we roll. My team and I look forward to meeting you.


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