The Photo Shoot Act I | The First Date

The Photo Shoot Act I | The First Date

A young woman prepares for her first date. To do this, she looks to her ancestors, the women who came before. She borrows their fashion, their structured hair and makes them her own. A modern woman with an affinity for the past starts to ponder her future. Every first date has the possibility of being the last. Will that be the case for this woman? Will her date become her husband?

In the case of The Beauty Box’s photo shoot, he does.

Our photo shoot tells the story of a woman (our  model, the very lovely and talented Jennifer Brown) in love captured at three different moments on her journey and the hair she wears as she falls deeper and deeper in love. Act I is the first date and to tackle this look two of our stylist’s, Rosa Marrufo and Sonia Isaguirre, collaborated to create hair that was youthful, innocent, and structured.

We always wanted volume towards the top and a braid towards the end”, explains Sonia, “We started the look with two French rolls toward the top but after looking at it we decided with her beautiful red hair that she resembled the vampire from “Dracula”. Letting the creative process lead them, the two stylist’s evolved the look to what you see before you. It went from “the first bite, to the first date” Sonia jokes.

Sonia describes the look as “almost ocean like…with a wave at the top”.

To take this story and theme to the next level we relied on the immaculate collection of vintage clothes found at Vintage Martini. Rosa, DR, and our beauty photographer Jessica Grammon visited Vintage Martini a few times and with the generous help of the owners, Ken Weber and Greg Kelly, we settled on a 7 different looks to color our story of love, vintage, and hair.

The pairing of Vintage Martini’s clothes and the structured hair of our rock star stylist’s created a marriage made in heaven.

We can’t thank them enough for their generosity and support on this photo shoot! Stay tuned for Chapter II : “The Engagement”!

Photos By : Jessica Grammon

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