Smart girls know that you don’t have to grow for your wedding. Nope. That is so 90’s. Smart girls have a secret weapon called hair extensions, however, even smart girls need a little help sometimes. There are many different types of hair extensions – to say it’s confusing is an understatement. The biggest decision you need to figure out is Temporary Hair Extensions aka Clip In Hair Extensions vs Permanent Hair Extensions. After that you can dial it down from there.  Here is a quick guide to help you figure out What’s Best Hair Extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair.

Temporary Extensions aka Clip in Hair Extensions – Best Hair Extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair

A lot of things have changed over the last couple of years. It’s not just about clip in hair extensions. The hair extension conversation has gotten a lot bigger. Hair extension terminology hasn’t caught up with all the products that are out there. Now there are hair extensions that don’t even have clips! For the sake of keeping it easy I am going to include these “clipless hair extensions” under the clip in hair extensions section. Here is a breakdown of some the best temporary hair extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair.

Clip in Hair Extensions Dallas Bridal Hair

Clip in Hair Extensions – Best Hair Extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair

Okay – who hasn’t heard about clip in hair extensions? Pretty simple idea – clips sewn onto a wefted base. Clip on, clip off. What you may not know is that there are all kinds of clip in hair extensions. We offer a variety because everyone needs something that will fit them.

Halo Hair Extensions Dallas Bridal Hair

Halo Hair Extensions – Best Hair Extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair

New technology alert! You probably haven’t heard of these yet. Halo Hair Extensions have only been on the market for about 5 years. They are similar to clip in hair extensions with one key difference – there aren’t any clips! A monofilament wire holds the hair in place. It takes less time than clip in hair extension to apply. I love love these extensions. They are perfect for your wedding! These are definitely one of the best types of hair extensions bridal hair Dallas.

Hair Extensions Pieces Dallas Bridal Hair

Hair Extensions for the Top of Your Head – Best Hair Extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair

Not everyone is blessed with thick hair on the top of their heads. There is only so much traditional hair extensions can do for the top of your head. We have a fantastic top of the head extension clip in options that will give you the bombshell look you really want for your Dallas Wedding.

Hair Extensions Pieces and Accessories – Best Hair Extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair

There are all kinds of pieces that can be added to your own hair. Think scrunchy with hair (above left)  or even a super chic top knot maker (above right) by Sarah Potempa. They can really up the volume in an updo.

Permanent Hair Extensions – Dallas Bridal Hair

Permanent Hair Extensions are a fantastic solution for the Dallas Bridal Hair. The biggest difference is of course that they stay in your hair. There are a couple reasons why permanent hair extensions might work best for you.

  • They are a lot more secure. You don’t have to stress about your hair extensions falling out in the middle of the reception.
  • You can wear them before, during, and after your Dallas wedding. Why is this a big deal? Continuity – You will look the same throughout your entire wedding cycle. I find it distracting if Dallas brides have short hair in one photo and long in the next. These days everyone takes photos.
Clip in Hair Extensions Dallas Bridal Hair

Tape in Hair Extensions – Best Hair Extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair

Tape in hair extensions are a staple at The Beauty Box Salon. What makes Tape in Hair Extensions for Bridal hair so great is the fast application and how flat they fit to your head. These are ideal for fine and/or thin hair. Basically, your hair is sandwiched between two thin, flat panels of a polyurethane that has hair attached. Tape extensions are damage free and last up to 8 weeks before they can reapplied.

Balmain Double Hair Extensions Dallas Bridal Hair

Balmain Double Hair Extensions – Best Hair Extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair

Double hair is a fantastic for building big sexy hair. It is secured in place using a cold fusion method called locks or microlinks. The panel is opened up and your hair is pulled through at strategic pints. Your hair is threaded through a silicone lined copper link that – this secures the hair extension panel in place. What I like about Double hair is the amount volume it creates throughout. This hair extension system can be used up to 6 months.

Hairdreams Fusion Hair Extensions Dallas Bridal Hair

Fusion Hair Extensions – Best Hair Extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair

When people think of permanent hair extensions they usually think of Fusion Hair Extensions. This type of hair extension has been made popular by celebrities for good and bad reasons. You have probably seen someone wearing this type that wasn’t properly executed. Rest assured, you probably have seen a lot more women wearing fusion hair extensions that you had no idea that they were extensions. It is all about the quality of the fusion hair extension and how it is applied, cut, & styled.

About 30+ hairs are attached to a bonding agent. They are applied using a keratin or polythermalplast bond. Basically, a hot tool warms the bond so that it attaches itself to your own hair. What I like about this method is that it allows for the ultimate flexibility when it comes to doing a bridal updo. Fusion hair extensions can last up to 6 months, however, I recommend having them done about 1 month before your wedding date.

So, What is the Best Hair Extensions for Dallas Bridal Hair?

The answer is that there isn’t one. Most women can wear several types of hair extensions. I recommend booking out a hair extension consultation at least 90 days before your wedding. A Dallas Bridal Hair Extension Expert will walk you through all of your options. In addition, you can see the different types of hair extensions and check them out for yourself.


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