What if I want extensions but I don’t have thin hair?  I just want MORE hair!

Klix hair extensions are the solution for the client with medium to thick or course hair that are looking for added volume and length.  They also have multi-tonal colors and wavy hair extension textures that other lines don’t offer.

They are fastened into the hair through microlinks sewn onto wefts of hair that have a silicone lining inside to secure but protect the hair at the same time! The application and reapplication of Klix is much faster than other hair extension lines without the mess of tape or adding heat to apply the extensions.

What’s a reapplication?  Does that mean I can reuse the hair more than once?


Get more value out of your hair extensions when buying recommended products and taking proper care of your extensions, thus allowing an additional 4 to 6 weeks wear!

Call the Beauty Box Salon to book your free hair extension consultation and see if Klixtensions are right for you!  We have several hair extension lines to choose from that are just right for you!