The sun is finally out in all its glory and it is the perfect time to head to a swimming pool or to the beach to beat the heat. Although swimming is one of the best ways to refresh yourself, the salt and chlorine in water bodies can sometimes be too harsh on your hair. Therefore, it is important that you take proper care of your tresses to avoid having dry and damaged hair.

Since covering your head with a swimming cap may not be enough, here are a few tips and solutions to help you minimize the damage and protect your hair.

1.     Rinse Your Hair before Swimming1212

Taking a quick shower before you dive into the swimming pool can hydrate the outer layer of the hair shaft and keep it from drying out. In addition to this, a pre-swim rinse can also prevent the hair from any salt or chlorine damage. Since hair follicles  tend to absorb water instantly, a thorough rinse before swimming can saturate the pores and prevent them from soaking the chemicals present in the water.



2.     Apply Oil or Conditioner

Hair conditioners contain silicon which helps to create a barrier between the hair and water, and thus prevents the roots from coming into contact with chlorine and other chemicals. Similarly, a light coating of oil can seal the moisture on the surface and reduce the risk of chemical damage.


3.     Wear a Swimming Cap

Many swimmers do not realize the significance of a swimming cap. However, it is important for swimmers to understand that wearing a swimming cap is an effective way to prevent chemical damage to the hair. A swimming cap acts as a barrier to protect  your hair from direct exposure to chlorinated water.


4.     Condition your Hair After a Swim

After swimming, wash your hair with fresh water for at least five minutes to1212 remove every single trace of chlorine and other chemicals. Once you have washed all the chemicals out, condition your hair to prevent them from drying out. Not only will it help to restore the lost moisture, but also add a protective layer to maintain the liveliness of your hair.

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