Beating the heat this summer isn’t easy. I would tell you all to stay inside but lets face it, we all want to be in the pool sipping on something cold.

Here are a few tips when battling the heat this summer. Remember, I am keeping in mind that we all want the same thing: to have healthy shiny hair.

5 Fabulous Dallas Summer Hair Tips 2015

1. Sock Bun | Oh, the ever fabulous sock bun! It is perfect for any time of the year, but especially during the summer since it can keep your hair on top of your head and off the back of your neck!

Its simple, you can use a new sock with the toe cut off, or if you’re feeling fancy you can purchase a mesh hair donut to roll your hair around…there are even different size options so you can create the perfect size bun.

Update Summer 2015 | The sock bun just got even easier! We know have the Sarah Potempa Wrap Up! Sooo much easier than making your own.. and for only $12 bucks it’s a steal. We know have these in stock! Check out this video to see how the wrap up works.

2. Humidity Resistant Products are Your friend | My clients cannot live without the Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Oil and Straight Blow Dry Cream during the summer time. Its perfect to keep humidity out so your hair doesn’t stand up or look frizzy.

3. Keep It Light With The Moisture | Because the summer months pack the humidity on heavily, you have to take the moisture in the air into consideration with your summer hair products. If you use conditioner, make sure to put it on lightly so it wont weigh your hair down later on.

On my frizzy haired clients I apply conditioner to the ends of their hair only in the summer months: it helps keep their hair smooth, but doesn’t make their hair sit flat. Any other time I apply mid-shaft of the hair down.

4. Hairspray Can Be Your Friend | Sometimes the best way to keep your style intact during the summer months is to give it some holding power. Hairspray is essential in my beauty routine for this reason: without it, your hair tends to curl in on one side and out on the other – no joke! Beware a little goes a long way.

5. Try Some New Styles Out | There have been SO many amazing hair tutorials making their rounds on the internet lately. Try a few of them out!