What are the top 5 questions about hair I get here in Dallas? Someone came to me with this for a blog idea and I have to admit I wasn’t sure how to approach this question. Are there only 5 questions? What if there are more? How do I edit it down to just 5? This may be a challenge but I’m up for it, so here goes.

5 Questions about Your Hair You Need to Ask Your Stylist

#5 How is regular trimming of my hair going to make it grow, shouldn’t it be the opposite?

Yes, your hair will grow from your scalp regardless of how often you trim it. However without regular trims on the ends of the hair you’ll not really gain quality length. Meaning that chemically damaged or not your ends age and split. If those split ends aren’t trimmed blunt again they’ll split further up the hair shaft and break off.

#4 Can I take my naturally dark brown hair to platinum blonde

 Yes, you can. However it’s going to be a very long process involving several bleachings over several weeks. Blonds aren’t made in one sitting. The darker your natural hair is the longer and more damaging the process is going to be to make you platinum.

#3 Is there a product out there that will keep my wavy hair smooth and frizz free after blowing it out?

Yes. There are several products that will aid in keeping your naturally wavy/curly hair smooth after blowing it out, temporarily. If you’re in a very humid environment your hair won’t stay as smooth as it would in a more arid environment. Brazilian Blow Out is a great product the help keep the hair smooth. Brazilian Blow Out is not just a styling product but a smoothing treatment that stays for 2-3 months.

#2 Are “professional” hair care products actually different than the drug store brands? 

 Yes. Drug store hair care products are made for the majority of the population in mass quantities, using ingredients that are inexpensive and not the best for the hair in the long term. Professional haircare products are made for people who want the best hair care products. They are formulated and made in smaller batches with more research and development put into the process. They are made with the salon and client in mind to aid in helping stylist make sure that your hair stays healthy.

 #1 Can I take my lightened blond hair dark temporarily and change it back to blonde afterwords?

Yes and no. Yes you can color your lightened blond hair darker and make it light again after, depending on how dark you take it will determine how light you can get it back to. Remember that your hair was blond before you put the dark color on. To get your hair to blond probably involved using a lightening or bleaching product. Any lightening of the hair damages it by opening and removing some of the cuticle layer in order to remove pigment. This process has to be done again to remove the dark you put over it. Not only are you doing double damage to the hair, you’re also trying to lift out artificial pigment which was designed to stay in the hair. Which makes it harder to get out. The darker the hair the harder it is to take that pigment out and the more lightening it needs, so forget about temporarily coloring your hair black and then going back to blonde. Unless you want very damaged broken off orange hair.

Hair color is designed to develop inside the cuticle layer of the hair shaft so it stays with minimum fading. It’s not designed to be changed over and over again.