DR: Hi Michelle! We were hoping we could ask you a few questions so our clients could get to know you a little better. It’ll also help me get to know you too!
Michelle: Sure.

DR: Great! So where did you go to Beauty School?
Michelle: The Paul Mitchell Academy in Carrollton.

DR: Oh, that’s where I grew up.
Michelle: The Paul Mitchell School was an amazing experience. They really have their stuff down!

DR: And where did you work before coming aboard The Beauty Box?
Michelle: Salon D, for the past 4 years.

DR: Wonderful! And did you always know you wanted to be a hair stylist?
Michelle: Well, I’ve always been interested in the Beauty industry. I went to UT Arlington for three years because my parents were really adamant that I get a “college education” but when my sister voiced an interest in becoming a stylist too, they were more open to both of us going to cosmetology school.

DR: So you went to school with your sister?
Michelle: Yes

DR: Did you guys graduate at the same time?
Michelle: We did.

DR: That’s so cool! And where is she now?
Michelle: She works at my cousin’s salon in South Lake.

DR: Wow, the beauty industry runs in your family. Do you have a favorite style or cut you love do?
Michelle: I love it all actually but I do enjoy doing shorter cuts.

DR: Like a pixie cut?
Michelle: Yeah

DR: Nice! So is that something you’d like to be known for? Pixie cuts? Or is there anything in particular that you’d like to be known for as a stylist?
Michelle: Well, I wanna be known for everything.

DR: Good Answer! Do you have any favorite products?
Michelle: I love Moroccan Oil! Their shampoo, their hair treatments, frizz control, just everything. I love it all.

DR: What is it about Moroccan Oil that you love so much?
Michelle: I’m a big smell person and Moroccan Oil just smells so good!

DR: That it does. And how did you end up at The Beauty Box salon?
Michelle: Through Rosa. We worked together at Salon D and when the position opened up she told me about it.

DR: And the rest is history
Michelle: Pretty much.

DR: Well, Michelle we’re thrilled to have you on the team! Thank you so much for answering these questions.
Michelle: No problem. Thank you!

And there you have it folks! Michelle Huynh is now officially a Beauty Boxer and we couldn’t be happier. Stop by the salon and say hello to the beautiful Michelle!