I think the main reason why so many people in Dallas are having issues with damaged hair and/or color issues is because salon professionals are afraid to tell their clients the truth.

We’ve come into an age of sales over service. Allow me to explain: Back in the day when I started out we were taught to respect the client and nurture a relationship with them. We wanted to earn their trust so they never wanted to go anywhere else to anyone else. In recent years, it’s become evident to me that there has been a huge culture shift. These days it seems like it’s all about how much money a stylist can get from a client right away – with little regard for need or condition of their hair.

Have Dallas hairdressers have become a bunch “yes people”?  “Yes, whatever you want”, “yes I can make that happen”, “yes, anything’s possible”. Beware of grand statements. I still believe in the old school mentality of if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

In my experience, a new client isn’t going to ask a yes or no question expecting to hear the word no. As much as I would love to say yes all of the time, sometimes, it has to be no. Or yes, but not right away. It’s not easy being honest.

There are limits to what can be achieved due to time constraints and hair type. There should be a proper consultation with investigation. Investigation into what has been done before, what can be done now, and what can be done moving forward.

For instance, if you came in to see me with brown hair and wanted to be blonde, I would ask you a series of questions. As a professional, I need to see where you have been before and what products, color, was used. I would ask you to remember back as long as you could and tell me everything. This way I could make an educated decision as to what the possibilities could be as well as the process to get there.

“Instant gratification takes too long”. That’s one of my favorite quotes from book by Carrie Fisher (You might know her as Princess Leia). I agree, because nobody likes instant gratification more than me. Be smart and question any hairstylist that promises big things without asking you the appropriate questions and going over all of the possible scenarios.

You should be so informed that you can make an informed decision. In my opinion, a true professional should also be up front about the maintenance, care, cost and potential over charges that could happen during the service. The last thing you want is to get excited about a brand new look you’ve had your heart only to have it damage your hair.

I know. It sucks, but sometimes you can’t get everything you’re wanting right now. That’s okay. I help my cleints develop an action plan. A strategy. Because sometimes hearing “No” is better than living with the consequences of “Yes”.