WHAT IS A NUMBER 7?  Here comes the tecnical jargon, haha. Basically us hairdressers measure color on a levels system. 1 is black and 12 is the lightest blonde you can go. The lucky girls that are a level 7 or "dishwater blonde" seem to be able to rock blonde, brunette, and even reds!

Rachel McAdams is a prime example of the gal who can rock out any hair color she wants! If you saw her in “The Hot Chick” or my all time favorite movie “Mean Girls”  she was a platinum blonde which brought out the natural blush in her skin tone. 

Then you see Rachel in "The Notebook"… loved the pin curls and the finger-waved hair!! With her hair being red, we noticed her beautiful blue eyes… so if you are a blue eyed gal, having a very pretty red hair color will make them pop out soooo much more.

So we have seen Rachel go from blonde to red back and back to blonde… and with every hair color I have seriously been like " Ok that hair color looks amazing on her" but she got risky and traded in the light locks for a smoking chocolate brown hair color for her role in "Wedding Crashers". I honestly felt like it would be too harsh for her skin tone but she once again pulled that hair color off! Loved it.  

Going to extremes may not be for everyone.  If you have super dark hair, please do yourself a favor and don't go blonde. If you are a bombshell blonde, don't trade in the fresh look for a gothic one… just saying!!  

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