If your hair is anything like mine, it’s straight as a board and NEVER wants to hold any sort of curl. Therefore, sometimes it feels like you get stuck in a rut with your hair having only one way to wear it…. Straight.

As a child, I would sleep in those ugly pink sponge rollers and come out in the morning looking like Shirley Temple. While that may be cute for a five year old getting ready for family photos, as a woman in my late 20s that look no longer works for me. Well, anyone really.

It seemed like I had tried everything. Curling irons and hot roller curls fell within minutes. Flat iron curls held a little better, but volume was out of the question. I was really at a loss as to how I could change up my look without spending a huge amount of time on my hair.

One day a friend of mine suggested that I start using my diffuser attachment for my hair dryer. I have no idea why it took me so long to give it a shot, but to my surprise, IT WORKED!!! I was FINALLY able to create beach waves on straight hair!

I have since perfected this art of giving my shapeless, stubborn hair some nice beachy waves, and its almost effortless. The type of products you use can make a huge difference.

My personal favorite cocktail of products include:
1. Bumble & Bumble Prep

2. Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray

3. Bumble & Bumble Thickening Mousse

4. Finish with Bumble & Bumble Classic Spray

First, start with freshly cleaned damp hair and spray Bumble & Bumble’s Prep from roots to ends. The Prep is lighter than water, so you really can’t spray too much.

Next, spray the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray right around the roots of the crown area of your head. Brush through your hair to ensure even distribution.

Finally, add the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Mousse from roots to ends. Once you have evenly smoothed the moose throughout your hair, it’s now time to dry.

I like to do this in stages, where I scrunch up a section of my hair, no wider than the width of the diffuser into the attachment. With high heat and medium pressure, I turn the hair dryer on for 12-15 seconds and immediately turn it off, leaving my hair still damp.

I continue that process around the head until I’m back at the beginning at which point I go through it a second time or until the hair is sufficiently dry all over.

Once everything has finished drying, I like to lightly spray B&B Classic Spray all over to give my beach waves that extra hold. This look will actually hold all day long and is easily refreshed for second day hair.