Before She Was Lady Gaga | Dallas, Irving, Texas Blondes

Did you ever hear of Stefani Joann Angelina Germonatta? Here in Dallas, we know her more as Lady Gaga – the transformative pop star that has taken over a genre of music.

When you look at her, it sure seems that blondes do have more fun. It’s an amazing thing what color can do. It can truly transform your look and possibly even transform you into a new and ultra famous pop star… or, at least be made to feel like one.

I know that I just can’t imagine her as a brunette asking us to just dance with lightning bolt on her cheek. You cannot deny that the blonde locks totally changed her look.

Lady Gaga’s ever changing looks are one of my favorite thing about her. She is always ready to embrace a new color or stye. Of course, most of the styles she choose are wigs and that is probably because of her chemical dependency on hair color. I have read she jokes about her “chemical” hair cuts, or, what we know as breakage!

Common sense goes a long way. You can’t go from black to blonde and vice versa without consequences. This is why you need a professional hair color salon to aid you in your Gaga ways. At both our Dallas and Irving salons, we have had many people come in needing our expert assistance to get their hair back to where it should be.

I think Lady Gaga can be an example to all women wanting to change their hair color. I have many clients at my Dallas color salon that are very attached to their blonde color. They cannot imagine ever being anything else.

I always say it’s better to be looked at than looked over. Taking a break from any color whether it be blonde, brunette, or red can be a ton of fun. Sure, it may not be as good as what you had but it sure will turn some heads!

Don’t be afraid to try new things. It’s only hair and it will grow back. If you have a great colorist who understands the hair color you will be fine. Beware of salons that claim to be the best color salon. Always check reviews online and ask to see photography of their work.

If you are ready to embrace your inner Gaga then now is the time to do it. We specialize in the perfect Dallas Summer Blonde at The Beauty Box.

Remember, no matter what Gaga claims, she was not born that way… Obviously she is very close with a very good hairdresser!