CliBest Clip-in Hair Extensions Dallasp in hair extensions dallas tx

Best Clip in Hair Extensions Dallas

How do celebs go from short to long hair overnight? Clip In hair extensions! They are the perfect way to add length or volume instantly. Now you can get the Best Clip-in Hair Extensions Dallas at The Beauty Box Salon.

They come in either human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair can last up to a year with proper care whereas synthetic hair typically lasts about 1-3 months depending on how often they are being worn. There are heat friendly (i.e. curling and flat irons, dryers) synthetic options available but most synthetic extensions will melt when exposed to heat. 100% human hair extensions look the most natural and blend seamlessly. Synthetic hair also blends and is a great, affordable alternative.

Best Clip-in Hair Extensions Dallas

There are both advantages and disadvantages to clip in hair extensions.

One benefit is that it offers freedom. They are super low maintenance since they are temporary. They are very easy to apply. And it allows you to clip them in and take them out whenever you want. So for a fun night out or special occasion clip in extensions would be ideal. You could even try a variety of different colors for fun!

A lot of the times we get addicted to having longer hair and before you know it, you’re wearing clip in extensions every day. Clip in hair extensions were never meant to replace permanent. Wearing clip in extensions for extended periods of time could very well damage your own natural hair.

Best Clip-in Hair Extensions Dallas may be right for you but it all depends on your wants, needs, circumstances and of course, your budget.  A consult with a hair extension expert at the Beauty Box Salon is the first step. Happy clip-in’ing!


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