Best Dallas Hair Color Salon

Dallas hair color is a trend-setting machine, and the women of Dallas demand perfection in their specific shades. Best Hair Color Salon Dallas TX – Get two women, one from Texas and the other from California, going about whose blonde is superior and you’ve got a legitimate cat fight.  Truth is, Dallas women aren’t only obsessed with big hair, they are just as obsessed with the vibrancy in their hair color. 

Best Hair Color Salon Dallas TX

In Dallas, blonde hair is not a hair color, it’s a state of being.  It requires maintenance, dedication, and sassiness.  Better known as Dallitude.  There are three types of Dallas blondes:

Platinum blondes are the sassiest of all sassy.  Usually these are the bleach blonde, tanned skinned women who serve us the spiciest of spicy wings, or pour the stiffest of cocktails.  Catch them downtown, or in uptown and you won’t find a hint of gold anywhere near her hair, except the bronzer on her skin.

Golden Blondes are the dedicated blondes who love the natural golden hues of their locks.  Whether it be winter or summer in the suburbs, their hair always compliments their skin tone.

Low maintenance blondes are the girls you see with dark roots and blonde ends.  They like it low key, and don’t mind sporting a root every now and again.  You’ll surely catch a few of these on Knox/Henderson or at the Grapevine Bar.

As far as red hair goes in Dallas, it’s considered a form of art.  These girls take their red locks seriously, and the more vibrant the better!

Visit Deep Ellum or the Arts District, and you will see girls with fire engine red hair color.  They take no prisoners and have the shiniest, vibrant “Crayola red” hair color there ever was.

Gingers are tricky… they’re the ones to look out for.  They look like good girls but, deep down, that ginger tone equals spicy tendencies.  You’ll definitely find these at SMU, or in your office full of young professionals.

Last but certainly not least, are the brunettes.  Their fiercest rivals are the Dallas blondes, and they love the competition.

From chestnut, to chocolate brown, deep auburns or the darkest of darks, these girls are a force to be reckoned with.  Take a trip to West Village and you’re sure to see tons of gorgeous brunettes that set themselves apart from the other girls.  Their hair stands out with rich tones, full of shine and depth.  Sometimes they have a few highlights just to make sure they get noticed.

One thing is for sure, and two for certain:  Dallas hair color isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s way more than a box of color could ever provide, and it’s what sets us apart from the rest of this huge state.  It’s what sets a color salon apart from a salon.  Hair color is part of what makes Dallas unique.