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Hair Extensions – Oklahoma City  – Our passion for hair extensions is so big that many people in Oklahoma make the quick trip to our Dallas based hair extension salon everyday. Why? I am glad you asked Oklahoma City – because we are hair extension specialists! We know how hard it is to find a hair extension salon anywhere in the country. A search on the internet for hair extensions in Oklahoma City will quickly reveal that you may need to broaden your search a little bit.

We want to help make sense of the confusing and often misleading information about hair extensions out there. Many Oklahoma salons offer hair extensions, however, few will be able to offer the experience and quality our Dallas based salon offers.

Here is a list of questions that many Oklahoma women might have about hair extensions.

1. Why should I get hair extensions? It isn’t always about adding length. You can add lots and lots of volume to your hair with extension, Oklahoma City. What most people don’t know is that the majority of extension services are done to add volume!

Many women in Oklahoma City suffer from fine thin hair. Hair extensions can quickly add not only length but hair extensions can add lots and lots of volume too. You can have the thicker fuller hair you have always dreamed of.

2. What kind of hair extensions should I get? The answer to this questions is very simple. There is not one size fits all formula for hair extensions. Everyone’s hair and lifestyle is different. Any hair extension salon – Oklahoma City worth their salt will offer a variety of hair extension systems.

Here are a few of the best hair extension systems on the market that we offer at The Beauty Box Salon:

Permanent Hair Extensions – Oklahoma City

Best Tape in Hair Extensions Oklahoma City Easilengths by Easihair Pro – One our favorite hair extension systems. Tape in hair extensions are fast, durable, damage free and virtually undetectable.

Hairdreams Fusion Extensions Oklahoma City Best fusion hair extensions Oklahoma City hands down. These are the Mercedes of hair extensions. The are made from the finest 100% remy human hair.

Klix Hair Extensions OKC  Perfect for thick hair. Super fast application and an even greater price.

Balmain | Fusion Extensions OKC Long hair extensions begin with Balmain. Never heard of Balmain? They are a Parisian fashion house that just happens to make hair extensions.

Balmain | Double Hair Extensions A very unique take on hair extensions – Oklahoma City. Double hair is unlike anything you have ever seen.

3. How much do hair extensions cost?

This is not a hard question to answer. We use a simple equation to calculate the cost of the look you are trying to achieve with hair extensions. The cost of many of our hair extension systems can be found on our website.

Many hair extension salons – Oklahoma City are vague about what they charge for hair extensions. The do not have a formula. You might even feel like they are just guessing on what to charge and you just might be right!

4. What else do I need to know? I am afraid I am missing something!

Don’t worry! We have you covered. Here is a list of our top hair extension blog posts that will help anyone in Oklahoma City make the best hair extension choice even if you choose not to come to us.

Essential Oklahoma City Hair Extension Blogs

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5. What if I want clip in hair extensions | Oklahoma City?

Clip in hair extensions – OKC are a great way to start if you are not sure if you want to wear hair extensions on a daily basis. They can give you the exact same look without the commitment.

There are lots of clip in hair extensions – Oklahoma City that you might have never even heard of. The best way to decide is to do your research and then book a free hair extension consultation so you can see all the hair extension systems in person.

Here is a small sampling of the clip in hair extension systems – Oklahoma City that we offer.

Clip in Hair Extensions Oklahoma City

Halo Couture Clipless Extensions – Oklahoma City

Easivolume Clip in Hair Extensions by Easihair – Oklahoma City

Easixtend Clip in Hair Extensions by Easihair Oklahoma City

Easilites Clip in Color Extensions by Easihair OKC

Clip-in Bangs OKC

6. I live in Oklahoma City. Why would I drive to Dallas to get hair extensions?
It is only a 3 hour drive! Plus you deserve the absolute best experience when it comes to hair extensions.

We are hair extensionwomen’s thinning hair specialists. It is worth the drive.

If you plan it out you can catch a round trip Southwest flight for under $150 bucks. You can fly in that morning, get your hair done and be back in OKC in time for dinner. Of course you can always stay the night.. There are plenty of things to keep you entertained in Dallas!

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