When it’s cold outside we turn the heat up to stay warm. Little do we know the heat in our homes, automobiles,and places of employment are drying out our hair like a dry sauna.

Here’s a few beauty tips to keep those tresses silky and shiny.

My top 3 winter products are Tonic Spray, Tonic Shampoo, and Leave-In (rinse-out) Conditioner from Bumble and Bumble. The Tonic Spray is for your scalp right after you shower. The Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil refresh the scalp and naturally soothe/reduce redness. Tonic Shampoo works well paired with the spray. And the Leave-In Conditioner use 2-3 times weekly will help your hair stay hydrated.

Also, another beauty tip is to sleep with a humidifier on at night in your bedroom. This will add moisture back into the air and prevent the heater in your house from drying out your hair and skin. The typical humidifier will hydrate a room up to 250 sq ft.