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Christopher Box

An Interview with Christopher Box | Owner of The Beauty Box Salon

Article by Jennifer Pompa

Christopher Box and I met away from the hustle and bustle of the his busy salon at the Katy Trail Ice House for lunch. The place offered the kind of laid back atmosphere Chris seemed at home in. The picnic tables and runners who zoomed past on the katy trail offered a nice sunny setting in which to conduct our interview.

Christopher is a legend of sorts in the Dallas hair world. His resume boasts accomplishments like: Starting a tape in line of extensions (easilengths) that has taken off around the world, working with another legend Dallas based company, and being the former creative director for easihair and Jon Renau.

Chris has been a busy busy man spreading the word of Weave.

Chris’s foray into the world of being a salon owner has shifted the way he thinks about social media, and technology in the salon environment. Shifted so much so that his main focus has moved from being behind the chair to dedicating himself to building his business and other stylists through the new world of technology at our hands.

Chris showed up in jeans and a t-shirt, a tattoo on his forearm reads “ life is beautiful” and the gleam in his eye seems to reflects that attitude.

Jenn: Christopher Box. I am excited to hear more about you and The Beauty Box Salon.
Chris: I’m also very excited, I’m a a big fan of Jenn Pompa, thank you for doing these interviews. I think it will really help people understand us as stylists and as a salon.

Jenn: How long have you been in the hair/salon business?
Chris:  Ever since I was a wee child of 13….no, thats a lie. (insert laugh)  Its actually since I was 19, when I started in the business and it’s pretty much what I’ve done sine. I’ve done everything between educating, inventing products, and of course being a stylist and now being a salon owner.

Jenn: How long has Beauty Box been open?
Chris: We’ve officially been in business since the beginning of 2010. However, I have been working in the Uptown / Oaklawn areas of Dallas since late 2001. So I feel like it’s been a natural progression to open up a salon in this area.

Jenn: How did you come up with the idea for your own salon?
Chris: Well after inventing a hair extension product, living and working in San Diego, and after speaking to many different salons across the united states,  I decided it was time to sort of put my money where my mouth is… If that makes sense. So I wanted to kind of implement some sort of different marketing techniques,  while also getting awesome stylists on my team who understood my vision.I wanted to take hair extensions, hair replacement, and hair color to the next level and make it a very systematic approach. You  can come in and open a menu and have it make sense. No magic crystal ball required to understand it. It’s Hair extensions simplified.

Jenn: How many employees does your salon have?
Chris: We keep growing and growing! I have days that I struggle to answer that. The goal at this point is to get us to 14 stylists and be open 7 days a week!

Jenn: What does your salon offer?
Chris: Well our primary focus is on hair extensions and hair color. Of course with those we do offer cuts as well. We’re doing something very different. The way we offer hair extensions is again a very systematic, its on the menu, you come in and fully understand what you’re getting yourself into. A hair extension boutique maybe? I don’t know (said with a sly smile)

Jenn: What is the most popular product/service?
Chris: Right now I’ve got three for you. Popular service would be be regualr ol hair color and tape in hair extensions. Actual product would be the Oribe haircare line. Oribe is super hot right now.

Jenn: What makes The Beauty Box Salon in Dallas so different?
Chris: Well it’s interesting that you ask that question. I’ve been giving this whole spiel about you know, how different we are with the services, and just the way we do things…but I think that the bottom line is that I have an amazing team and great teamwork, and everybody in the salon takes care of each other and each others clients. So your not just getting me, your getting my whole team, and vise versa.

Jenn: Where is The Beauty Box Salon located?
Chris: We’re located in the ever growing and changing Oaklawn/Cedar Springs area.

Jenn: What do you like to do when you aren’t at the salon?
Chris: Well I am obsessed with my new food blog! I am working my butt off creating and photographing my original recipes. I love blogging and I love food. Seemed like a natural thing to start doing a food blog.

Check it out: Food Fun FAB!

Jenn: What other info would you like readers to know?
Chris: About me personally?

Jenn: And the salon…
Chris: Um, I think the biggest thing I’d like everybody to know about me and it’s also a part of the salon, that we’re very passionate people about what we do.

I always make a joke that we’re just business professionals that happen to do hair. So your going to get a great caliber of service but in an environment that’s just down to earth. And I think that’’s me, I’m very professional but a down to earth kind of guy.

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