Sarah Wyatt Dallas Hairstylist

Sarah Wyatt Dallas Stylist Q&A:

I grew up in a small town outside of Tyler TX, called Whitehouse. After going to college I realized that the small town life was too slow for me, so I ventured out to the big city of Dallas. I must say, I could not be happier.

Doing hair has always been a passion of mine. (even before beauty school) Having the creative freedom to create shapes and shades is what makes me tick.  I love that this industry is constantly evolving and always keeps me striving to learn the latest trend and line.

I started working for the Beauty Box Salon in November of 2013, and that was the best thing for my career. I feel blessed to work along side the best talent in the City. We are always teaching and learning from each other. I always say that if you look forward to going to work, then its not really work. Rather, I’m just getting paid for doing what I love. And that is how it is, working for The Beauty Box Salon. We are like one big happy work family.

Why do you love hair? I love hair because it allows me to be creative. I see hair like an artist sees a canvas. Plus… I get to play “dress up” all day!

Favorite Service(s) to Provide: Big transformations. I cant say that I prefer doing one service over any other. I thoroughly enjoying doing it all!

Favorite book? Running With Scissors by Augusten Burrroughs. I love all of his books really.

If you were on a trip and your luggage was lost, what 3 hair products would you have to have in your carry on? I am a Bumble girl! Dry Spun, Tonic and Surf Spray

If you had to do one style of hair for the rest of your life, what would it be? What kind of life would that be? That’s like telling an artist to paint by numbers… I need variety in my life.

Grade you got on your first hair test? 100% What can I say? I’m a natural!

Personal Hair Horror Story: While in cosmetology school, I had a girl with really long hair in my chair. It was customary for students to do one length cuts for long hair, while the client is standing. Apparently she locked her knees and it didn’t take her long to pass smooth out on me. I caught her and guided her to my chair. she was ok, but it scared me so bad.

Favorite cocktail? Bombay Sapphire and Tonic with 3 limes. Delish!

Is there one gift you don’t mind getting over and over again? Cash and Pinot Noir. Wine makes everything better.