It is no secret that Dallas women love blond hair. I do wonder sometimes why it has to be so damaged. Yes hair bleach is a harsh chemical but if used correctly and with caution the hair will only go through minimal damage. Too many hairdressers over complicate and over work the hair in order to put on a good show for their client. I find that to be un-nessessary. People will pay for a good service. Not just a show.

I use bleach on all of my blonds. I find it to be easy to use and it gives me predictable results. I rarely ever have to go back and lo-lights to the hair because I keep what I do consistant and I never run bleach over already bleached hair.

A typical "Brad Blond" is an evenly blended blond with a slightly brightened natural base. I love to brighen the natural base color just slightly to bring out a nice sun-kissed look. Never over worked and never complicated. Always beautiful.