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Our visit to Ellen Wille in Frankurt, Germany

We always love this time of year because it reminds us of our wonderful visit to Frankfurt, Germany back in 2015. The crisp cool air, the winter attire, the early nights with winter decor and the yummy foods. In 2015, Brian was founding Director of U.S. Operations for Ellen Wille, Europe's number 1 wig brand, an affiliate of Beauty and Hair (aka: Wigs.com, Hairextensions.com and Hairpieces.com).  There were a few meetings that required his attendance along with the year-end company party and I was lucky enough to be invited to join Brian for the trip. This wasn't Brian's first visit, but it was mine. I very much enjoyed the energy of Frankfurt's history, architectural design and the markets.  Frankfurt has a mix of older, historical buildings neighboring ultra-modern buildings as pictured above. It was truly special being in attendance while the Christmas markets were open giving us [...]

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Wig Caps 101

As we learned in a previous post, wigs come in all shapes and sizes....and hair fibers. Did you know that you also have choices in the cap constructions? Here is a rundown on wig cap basics. First things first...what is a wig cap? The cap in a wig is the base that holds everything together. If you turn the wig inside out, the cap is the material you see. It truly is the most important part in the wig making process. You could take the perfect style in the perfect hair fiber, but, if the cap isn't the correct cap for that style, it will alter the whole look. Keeping that in mind, there are so many different ways you can make a wig cap. One of the most natural wig caps is a hand tied cap. This cap is created with a tule material that someone then hand ties each [...]

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Summer Ready Extensions

It's beginning to look a lot like summer. Soon our lives will be filled with beach days and sun rays. And what better way to kick of summer then hair extensions?! Summer seems to be one of the most popular seasons for extensions. They are great for your wedding day or your Hawaiian vacation. But, there are some care steps that will need to take place while you are on that beach side vacation to make sure that your beautiful locks maintain their luster. Just imagine it...sitting poolside with a cocktail in hand, enjoying the ocean breeze, and soaking up the sun. That sounds perfect, except you for got one of the most important vacation care tips for your extensions. As much as we love being out in the sun getting our tan on, the sun is not a friend to your extensions. In fact, it can cause your extensions to [...]

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5 Fabulous Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

The sun is finally out in all its glory and it is the perfect time to head to a swimming pool or to the beach to beat the heat. Although swimming is one of the best ways to refresh yourself, the salt and chlorine in water bodies can sometimes be too harsh on your hair. Therefore, it is important that you take proper care of your tresses to avoid having dry and damaged hair. Since covering your head with a swimming cap may not be enough, here are a few tips and solutions to help you minimize the damage and protect your hair. 1.     Rinse Your Hair before Swimming Taking a quick shower before you dive into the swimming pool can hydrate the outer layer of the hair shaft and keep it from drying out. In addition to this, a pre-swim rinse can also prevent the hair from any salt [...]

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Life After Box Color

Dating back to the ancient times, hair color has been widely used as one of the human race's most successful ways of beautification. In the modern world, hair color has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity. The acceptance of this movement has opened many opportunities for us as individuals to express who we are. It allows the middle aged woman to hold on to her younger years. The older gentleman to hide the side effects of his wisdom. The young hipster to sport how cool and artsy they are. All with one simple step. (At least that's what the box said!) In one single step, you can have the most fantbulous color! You will be the talk of the town! Men, women, babies, even dogs will covet your new you! Just mix the two bottles, apply as directed, and bam! You just completed your first color [...]

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Find the Beauty of Sweetness Beyond Sugar

1. Reduce or eliminate caffeine. The ups and downs of caffeine include dehydration and blood sugar swings and may cause sugar cravings to become more frequent. Remember the more sugar you eat, the higher your risk for illness that may involve medications that can cause skin, hair and nail issues.   2. Drink water. Sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration. Before you go for the sugar, have a glass of water and wait a few minutes to see what happens. Caution: Soft drinks are now America’s number one source of added sugar and artificial sweeteners are even worse for your health, and in fact slow down and over time can even halt your metabolism. 3. Use gentle sweets. Avoid chemicalized, artificial sweeteners and foods with added sugar. Use gentle sweeteners like maple syrup, brown rice syrup, dried fruit, stevia, agave nectar, palm sugar and barley malt. 4. Eat sweet vegetables and fruit. They [...]

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Dallas Balayage – Blondor Freelights

Blondor Freelights is revolutionising the Dallas balayage color scene. The process of highlighting hair goes back 50 years or more and has been done with a variety of interesting and sometimes torturous techniques. Remember the cap?   Starting first with very bold obvious streaks and eventually working it’s way into a blended look. For over 2 decades I’ve been doing all variety of highlights in foil, turning up my nose to what I felt were gimmicky substitutions such as cotton papers, plastic wrap and hair painting (balayage). Recently with the release of Blondor Freelights by Wella my mind has changed. I’ve always liked balayage for brightening the ends and ombre’ looks, but now I can paint hair up to the scalp without a disastrous result. “NEW BLONDOR FREELIGHTS IS THE FIRST BLONDOR PRODUCT TO ENABLE CREATIVE HANDPAINTING WITHOUT THE USE OF FOILS, SARAN OR COTTON. PERFECT FOR NATURAL-LOOKING, SUNKISSED HIGHLIGHTS AND [...]

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Dallas Red Head Before and After

Service Performed: Hair Color Retouch Why it was needed: My client has naturally dark hair and her desired color is a light red copper, so we do a touch up every 6-8 weeks. Type of Hair: Medium/ Thick -color treated hair. Products Used: Wella Koleston Perfect Permanent Hair Color & Wella Color Touch Relights. Process: I made sure to fully cover and saturate her 1/2 inch of new growth, after processing for 20 minutes we applied relights on the midshaft to ends for 10 minutes to refresh the rest of her color.

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Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Blowout Dallas

Service provided: Blowout and curls with the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Why it was needed: My client was wanting a fun and playful blowout that matched her busy lifestyle. What type of hair: My client has long, thick, coarse hair. Products used: To blowout my client, I used Oribe's Creme For Style and Royal Blowout. To curl her hair, I used the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver and Oribe's Super Fine hair spray to finish. Process: I first blew out my client smooth with a round brush for maximum control and volume. Once dry, I then curled her hair with the Beachwaver in sections from the bottom to the top of her head. After her hair was fully curled, I lightly broke up the curls with my fingers and sprayed a little bit of the Super Fine hair spray to keep her style lively all day!  

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Dry Shampoo That ‘Do

Your scalp naturally produces a thick oil called sebum. If not properly managed, over time the oils can build up. this leaves you with an oily residue on your scalp and roots. Which essentially weighs your hair down leaving it looking drab and dirty. The more often you shampoo, the quicker your scalp replenishes the sebum. In order to better control the oil production, try shampooing a less frequently. at first, you may notice that your hair seems dirty by the second day. However, the beauty of dry shampoo is that those oils can easily be dried out and used to create grit, which leaves you with amazing volume and yet anther day with a fantastic style. Here at The Beauty Box Salon, we are firm believers in dry shampoos. That is why we provide our clients with several to choose from so you can find the one that best [...]

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