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The Best Primer! Oribe Run Through Detangler Dallas

Oribe launched a new product recently called Oribe Run Through Detangler - Dallas. The primer is bottled in this beautiful deep purple bottle labeled with gold words. The purpose of this awesome product is of course to help detangle the hair while brushing through, and second to prime the hair before applying any other products. Priming the hair means evening out the porosity in the hair, evening out our "hair blemishes", and sealing all the damage we've caused with hot tools. Priming is the basic foundation we use before we layer more products. [KGVID width="480"]https://thebeautyboxsalon.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/IMG_2092.mov[/KGVID] Oribe Run Through Detangler Dallas When I looked at the product and felt the texture of it, I knew it was going to be awesome! It's this light weight consistency, very creamy, but not at all overwhelming to the hair. I had to try it! I actually made a video of myself using it in [...]

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Nuestro Nuevo Producto

Hemos introducido un nuevo producto, el producto es Oribe. Este producto es hecho aquí en los Estados Unidos. Oribe tiene varios diferentes productos. Desde champús, acondicionador, aceites para el cabello. Todo lo necesario para un secado con estilo.  Este producto es de muy buena marca, por lo tanto es un poco mas caro que otros productos. Lo que diferencia entre este producto y otros, son los ingredientes. Varios de los productos Oribe tienen frescas perlas machacadas. Y los ingredientes son exclusivos. Es por eso que el precio es un poco alto. Otra cosa que hace que Oribe sea una de las mejores marcas es el simple hecho que es libre de parabeno y libre de cloruro de sodio. Todo el producto de Oribe es organico, hidrata, protege y le brillo al cabello sin dejar el cabello con exceso de aceites o producto. Aparte de todo esto, encontraras que este producto tiene una [...]

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The Art of Gorgeous Hair Extensions Dallas

In the beauty industry products and styles come in and out of fashion like the mythical winds of Chicago. It was assumed hair extensions would be like this. Hair today, gone tomorrow. Let's take it back - like way back. In the olden days, like the late 80's early 90's, hair extensions were big and bulky. This worked because everyone had big permed hair! You could hide the magic easier that way. There were 3 basic ways that most women (and some men) had extensions applied. Fusion-  Giant strands of hair that were applied by a keratin resin. Similar idea to what is done today. The main difference being how small the hair extension strands are now compared to back then. Sewn in Weft - A hair extension weft was sewn into a corn row braid. Glued in Weft - A hair extension weft  that was simply glued onto the hair and [...]

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Choosing the Right Hair Extensions For Your Dallas Wedding

A lot of planning and preparation goes into your big day. The guest list, theme, location, food; the number of things to be mindful of seems to go on and on. But the most important thing to prep for is the way you will look! Brides dream of having gorgeous hair on their wedding day. While a lot of brides rock short hair looks, most these days start growing their hair longer to acquire that perfect princess look. While not everyone is capable of growing their locks as long as they want them to be, with hair extensions everyone can achieve that gorgeous look that they covet. A lot of people tend to delude themselves into believing that hair extension only add to the length of the wearer’s hair. The truth is, hair extensions can be used to not only increase the length of the original hair, but they can [...]

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5 Fabulous Dallas Summer Hair Tips 2015

Beating the heat this summer isn't easy. I would tell you all to stay inside but lets face it, we all want to be in the pool sipping on something cold. Here are a few tips when battling the heat this summer. Remember, I am keeping in mind that we all want the same thing: to have healthy shiny hair. 5 Fabulous Dallas Summer Hair Tips 2015 1. Sock Bun | Oh, the ever fabulous sock bun! It is perfect for any time of the year, but especially during the summer since it can keep your hair on top of your head and off the back of your neck! Its simple, you can use a new sock with the toe cut off, or if you're feeling fancy you can purchase a mesh hair donut to roll your hair around...there are even different size options so you can create the perfect size bun. Update Summer 2015 | [...]

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FAQ’s About Wigs Dallas

Are you new to wearing a wig? Yes? You must have so many questions! The Beauty Box Salon is all about providing amazing info to help you in your wig journey - even if that means you go somewhere else to purchase your wig. After many years in the business we decided to put together a list of the most frequently asked questions our clients had about wigs. We believe that the more you know about wigs the better experience you will have when you are wearing and caring for your own. Buckle up - we have a lot to go over! FAQ's About Wigs Dallas How can I make my wig look natural?  One element that is key to making your wig look natural is having a wig expert or experienced wig stylist customize your wig for you. Think of your wig as a designer suit, it may look [...]

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How to Fight Off Humidity Frizz

So far we have experienced the most recorded rain fall last month in Texas, and it doesn't seem to let up anytime soon. So if you're dealing with frizz like me here are some amazing products that will help tame your mane! Oribe Shampoo & Conditioner for Moisture & Control: This amazing product is designed for curly, kinky or unruly hair. The shampoo is sulfate free which will leave the hair smooth, sleek and completely under control. The conditioner is rich with unique blends of flower and plant extracts, which softens and tames the coarsest locks. Bumble & Bumble Straight Blow Dry: This heat-activating styling balm makes daily smoothing a breeze. This product is something you want to work evenly on damp hair. What you'll get is soft smooth shiny hair. Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil: All I can say is that I absolutely love this oil! This product [...]

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No Suds about it, Oribe Cleansing Creme Review

We were so excited to get in Oribe's brand new cleansing Creme for moister and control. Washing your hair with the Cleansing Creme is a totally different experience from shampoo. There is no sulfate or silicone so there is zero lather which means it's not stripping your hair of  natural oils that protected and your not leaving behind anything that's going to weigh your hair down. This is great for just about anyone but we especially love it for coarse, curly, textured, extra thirsty hair and extensions. Why you'll love it: No lather! This makes it extra gentle on color and extensions! Lemon & Orange Blossom Extracts work as natural astringents to cleanse and balance  the hair and scalp. Detangle and moisturizes and smooths frizz Protects hair from color fading Helps strengthen your hair Fruit Extracts & Purifying Oils gently remove buildup, dirt and impurities in the scalp without stripping [...]

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Oribe’s Must Haves! My Top 5 Products.

Product overload, everyone has felt it! Its the feeling you get when you are checking out right after your haircut and your stylist set 15 new products on the counter that the recommend for you to try. Have no fear! I have done the research and I have discovered the top 5 Oribe that I know wont want to live with out! Happy styling!  Super Shine and Super Shine Light How to use: Apply a small amount of the product to the palm of your hand , emulsify, work through the towel dried  hair from mid-shaft to the ends. Royal Blowout Royal Blowout is a light weight styling spray that smooths the hair shaft, repairs split ends, and fights against heat and UV damage, all while cutting your drying time in HALF! Argan oil, silicone complex, ceramides, and Oribe's patented film forming polymers work together to smooth and protect the hair [...]

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Olaplex vs B3

There are numerous products that claim to restructure the bonds that are broken down during a color service. However, at The Beauty Box, there are only two that we fully stand behind the products because we have seen the difference they can make; which include Olaplex Bond Multiplier and B3 Brazilian Blowout Bond Builder. Through research and experience, we have been able to determine that new levels and exponential heights can certainly be reached when we use these products. So lets break it down... Olaplex vs B3 What is B3 Brazilian Bond Builder?    B3 Brazilian Bond Builder (also known as B3) is a professional tool that can be mixed into all color formulations to build bonds, allowing for more creative freedom in your color services, helping to reduce damage with no added processing time." B3 uses a precisely developed co-polymer mixed in a high -purity targeted distribution system. This [...]

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