Do You dream of beautiful, shiny, smooth, frizz free, ‘I woke up like this’ Disney princess hair?  You hear terms like Japanese perm, thermal restructuring, and Brazilian Blowout Dallas but what does it mean? Lucky for you your favorite fairy godmothers are here to set the record straight and make all your hair dreams come true.

The first thing to keep in mind is The Brazilian Blow out is actually a smoothing treatment where as Japanese perms, thermal restructuring, Japanese straightening and relaxers are all straighteners.

Brazilian Blowout vs Straightening treatments

Application time

Brazilian Blowout: about 90 minutes

Straightener: 3 to 8 hours depending on length and thickness of hair.


Brazilian Blowout: smooth frizz free hair but still maintains some texture and volume

Straightener: Pin straight hair


Brazilian Blowout: can be done on color treated or damaged hair, will repair the hair making it stronger and more manageable.

Straightener: should not be done on color treated on damaged hair. Harsh chemicals calls damage the hair follicle.

Down time 

Brazilian Blowout: No down time, hair can be washed and restyled that day.

Straighter: Usually three days of down time. That means not washing, curling, ponytails or anything that will cause creasing.

How long does it last?

Brazilian Blowout: Up to 12 weeks with proper care, hair will gradually regain natural texture.

Straighter: Hair is permanently straightened. New growth will still have natural texture so you will either have to continue treatments or endure grow out.

Brazilian Blowout has already given thousands of people the hair they always dreamed of but never knew could be theirs. The results speak for themselves. Book your appointment today and be ready for your best hair ever.