All I can say about Butterfly Kiss is WOW!! We had an amazing turnout last Wednesday night; we had close to 90 guests join us for a night of pampering. 

From 6-9 pm the salon was flooded with women who wanted a relaxing night away from the husbands and children.  It got to the point that we had a line wrapped around the salon.  The Beauty Box teamed up with the amazing Nail Bar and provided mini manicures and style outs. 

All the ladies walked out looking beautiful.  We also had great food from Two Sisters Catering who catered the event, and last but not least, lots and lots wine. 

Butterfly Kiss hosted the lovely evening and has been going around the United States promoting their 4 amazing wines, which is absolutely delicious.  Also during there tour they had women donate their hair for Locks of Love, which is an organization that helps kids and teens dealing medical related hair loss.

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful person who had been donating her hair for quiet some time.  I had the honor of cutting 16 inches of hair!!  She told me that her hair grows very fast, and what better way of helping someone in need.  So around the major cities we ended up donating a total of 150 inches to the Locks of Love.

Also, a big thanks to the people who donated monetarily to the foundation, it was much appreciated.  We had over $150 collected.

The Beauty Box team and I would love to give a huge thanks to Butterfly Kiss who made the event a success. Also thank you to Nail Bar and Two Sisters for your services. And thank you for everyone who came out and made it happened!!