Hair thinning is probably one of the hardest things to cope with especially for those people who are very particular about they look. However, this does not mean that as people start losing their crowning glory, they should also start losing their self confidence and self esteem.

Many people wonder as to what is the main reason behind hair thinning. The fact is that there’s no one reason. Lack of proper nutrition, chemical imbalances in the body, usage of treated water for washing hair, regular application of chemicals may end up causing hair loss or hair thinning. Another possible reason for hair thinning can be the growing age.

Whatever the reason behind hair thinning may be, a lot of people go to doctors for treatment regarding hair thinning. Sometimes, these treatments work and sometimes they don’t. While medical help is always crucial, a quick and easy way to make hair looking fuller and voluminous is getting crown hair extensions.

Hairdreams Highline Crown Extensions

A Highline hair extensions are adaptable hair integration pieces that actually work wonders for people suffering from hair thinning or even for those who just need a little more volume on the crown of their heads.

The Highline Crown Hair Extensions are basically attached permanently to the crown area of one’s head using a bonding ring or a microlink. The net that is attached to it is used to form a base out of which natural hair is pulled out in order to blend them with the hair that is already attached to it for a more natural look.

Hairdreams Microline Hair Extensions

Another option is the Microline hair extensions. They are quite similar to the Highline Crown Extensions. They are light in weight and the wearer usually feels as if they are her real hair.

The Microline Hair Extensions have a revolutionary top of the head hair loss technology. This technology helps in filling in the density and in creating extra volume. They are attached to the wearer’s natural hair with either a bonding ring or a microlink. The net structure that is used in these extensions is so thin and light that it doesn’t let the wearer feel as if he is wearing anything extra on his head.

If you are suffering from hair thinning or hair loss, book an appointment with us today and discuss your options with us. We will make sure that you leave our salon feeling confident, flaunting your luscious locks.