Do you have curly or wavy hair and are planning to get a haircut soon but don’t know what option you should go for? Well, we have gathered some of the trendiest haircuts that you can choose from to rock this summer.

1. Pixie Cut

If you have wavy hair that is coarser in texture, a pixie cut with long layers in the front will do wonders for you. It will make your hair look curlier and more voluminous. All you have to do is find a hairstylist who knows exactly how to take a plunge with the scissors.

2. Long Haircut with Layers

Wavy hair with medium density look really attractive with longer layers. These layers should start from the cheekbones so that the hair has some movement. While one length weighs wavy hair down, long layers give it a bounce with a look that makes your hair feel free. This haircut looks great if you want to hit the beach in the summer season. A little salt water spray will give you that beach hair look instantly.

3. Curly Hair with Bangs

A layered bob with side swept bangs goes well with fine to medium hair that has a mixture of waves and curls. The key is to keep a strong line with a lot of layering so as to keep the waves and the curls soft and full without making them look like a pyramid. One length bob with no layers tends to look too heavy at the bottom and is not suitable for curly and wavy hair so layering is crucial.

4. Blended Bangs

Light layers right along the lower part of the hair with blended bangs falling to mid eyebrow look great on almost everyone. Since the bangs are side swept and not too short, they suit all kinds of face shapes. People with tighter curls may face problems with this chic look. For wavy, loose hair with a relatively fine texture, this haircut can work wonders.

5. Long Bob aka The LOB

Shoulder grazing bobs are not only for girls with straight hair. If you have wavy hair, you can ask your stylist for a wedge cut with shorter layers in the back and longer layers that frame the face in the front that create a beautiful angle. Long layers in the front also help in making the face look slimmer if its round.

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