Clip in extensions are the perfect hair accessory for brides. They can add volume and length to your hair instantly. Many brides like the idea of adding some sort of hair extensions to their hair on the big day but they aren’t sold on the idea of permanent extensions.

If you want longer or thicker hair for your wedding but don’t really need extensions everyday then a temporary option like clip in may be best for you. Clip in extensions are great because you can decide to wear them or not to wear them. They are removable for activities like swimming, showering and sleep. I myself go back and forth between wearing clip in extensions and permanent extensions because I can find so many reasons to like them both.

My favorite part about clip in extensions is how long they last, I’ve had my favorite set for going on two years now. The longevity of your extensions really does depend on how often you wear them, and how you treat them. I’m also a firm believer in you get what you pay for , a good price range for a quality set of clip in extensions is $300-$450. ( Remember you’ll have them for a while, so it’s worth the splurge)

It’s always recommended to have a stylist custom cut your extensions for the best blend.

My client (and friend) Lizz already has long, thick, gorgeous hair but we wanted to add a  little drama for her big day. During this consultation we clipped the hair in to get a good idea of how much length and added thickness it would give us.

Lizz is wearing 20” EasiXtend Elite.

EasiXtend Elite remains my favorite clip in extension system. With my work for I’ve tested almost every brand of clip in extensions out there. EasiXtend is what I buy for myself, and what I recommend strongly.