Scared of taking the permanent color plunge? 

Easilites by Easihair are the perfect hair colored extensions that provide a really cool way to add a pop of color to any hairstyle.

The small pieces are 100% human hair so you can style them curly or straight. The hair is about 16″ inches long, and the small pressure sensitive clip is about an inch wide. The beauty of a pressure sensitive clip is you can take them in and out whenever you want. A girl should always be able to change her hair color as often as she changes her mind.

Coloring your hair a fun or funky color usually involves first bleaching out your hair then adding a permanent color on top of that, not to mention your stuck with the color for a while. If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t have a job that would understand a permanent streak of purple in your hair, but there’s no law against expressing yourself on the weekends.

I really enjoy adding a colorful statement to my hair for fun holidays or sporting events. When it’s St. Patty’s day, I wear green, Valentines day I don Pink or Red, Blue for Cowboys football, the sky is truly the limit.

Fun, fierce, and most importantly: temporary.