The Art of Dallas Balayage & Hand Painted Highlights

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Haven’t heard of Balayage yet? Chances are you have already seen someone with this super popular hair coloring technique. More and more Dallas women are ditching the traditional foil highlight and jumping onboard with Dallas Balayage.

What is Dallas Balayage? In short, it is a beautiful hair highlighting technique. Balayage is French word that means to sweep or paint. Balayage highlights are literally hand painted onto your hair – this allows for a natural, diffused “sun-kissed” highlighting effect. Remember the color your hair was when you were a little girl? Come on, you know the shade. It was the perfect highlight. You had a lot more time to spend in the sunshine back then, right? The basic idea of balayage highlighs or hand painted highlights Dallas is to create a softer more natural looking highlight.

How is it applied? Dallas Balayage is applied to sections of your hair only on the surface. The idea is to not saturate the section with color – only to paint the outer most layer and tips of the hair. It is also called hand painted highlights or even freehand highlights because no foil is used to create the highlights.

Dallas Balayage

How is this different that regular hair color? A good Dallas Balayage expert will be able to find a color that will suit your skin tone. The right color will compliment your skin and literally light up your entire “look”.

Why is Dallas Balayage so popular right now? Remember the whole ombre color fad that big about 6 years ago? Turns out it wasn’t such a fad after all. The ombre trend evolved and softened. This softer look really took off. Using traditional foiling to create “sombre” was and is very time consuming.

It wasn’t a huge stretch to for stylists to start using a balayage technique to create the softer sister look of ombre called sombre. Balayage as a highlighting technique has been around since the 80’s. Product companies started jumping on board a couple years ago making newer and better products to create these new softer sexier highlighted looks.

With social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook this “trend” has exploded over the past couple of years and firmly placed itself on the map. Now people are seeing it on the runways and red carpets and want this fresh sun-kissed look for themselves.

What is the maintenance? Is it expensive? The great thing about once you have it done it requires very little maintenance. It grows out very naturally. There isn’t the normal regrowth line associated with foil. You can go several weeks longer between appointments.

Upfront cost is more, however, the cost savings of less frequent visits make the cost close to traditional highlights.

In addition, with products like Olaplex Dallas you can have bigger, brighter highlights with little to no damage.

What kind of hair types are right for Balayage? Dallas Balayage is a little bit of magic because it works on dark and light hair. It works on short (except super short hair) and long hair as well. Essentially it is almost for anyone. Darker shades? Think Rihanna, Beyonce and Chrissy Teigan. Blondes? Think Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Wilde.

Is this just a fad? Balayage Dallas is low maintenance, natural, and more flattering than foil highlights. Balayage as a highlighting technique that leaves the hair healthier with a gorgeous  “nature-enhanced” look. It is a modern technique that can be used to create natural or bold looks. Dallas Balayage may sound too good to be true? It’s not! Trust us when we say – it is hair to stay! There is only one way to find out yourself – book a free consult with an expert today!