Dallas Wedding season 2015 has kicked off in full steam, and of the many things on a bride-to-be’s checklist your hairstyle should be one of the top priorities. Since you’ll be photographed so extensively for the wedding, you really want to remember the day as one where you looked and felt your best. It’s a day to remember, and you certainly don’t want to remember it being a bad hair day!!Once you have found your dress, it’s important to get ideas for your hair on the big day.

Start by checking out pictures, and magazines, finding out a concept of what you’d like. Do you want a chic or a beachy/natural up-do? Do you want it half up and half down? Or do you want it all down showcasing your length with deep waves? Figuring out what you want, in coordination with the dress’ style, and your personality are important first steps.

Now is the time to visit a hairstylist for a consultation on the style. You should never wait until the big day to have the style done, when there’s little time to change it. Having a consultation can get you and your stylist on the same page about the style. Then, doing a trial run will really give you a good idea of how the look will be in first person. At that point, you can either love it, or make any necessary changes to the concept.

Dallas Bridal Hair 2015

Hair extensions can really transform your look for the wedding by adding any length or volume you may need. There are many affordable options to transform your hair for the wedding that you may not know of. One of our favorites Halo Hair Extensions – a clipless piece that will give you that extra hair you need to get the glam look you want for your wedding. Furthermore, we have several longer lasting, human hair, extensions that can give you even more length and fullness.

At The Beauty Box Salon we are not only the best extension and color salon in Dallas, we are also known for our wedding and formal styles. We are the best bridal salon in Dallas and we have what it takes to make your hair the last of your worries for your wedding day.

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