So This Time It’s Your BIG DAY !!!

How often is the term… “Always a bridesmaid , never the Bride” heard? Well not his time sista!!! So you have the ring and now the planning process has begun!!! With all the wedding planning materials out there, you might have come across some important information- Find the perfect hairstyle for you , and do the trial run. Well this couldn’t be more true! Here’s a few tips to stay on top of the style that works best for you.


 1.) How do you wear your hair on normal daily basis? Do you always wear it down and styled or up in a bun/ponytail? If you always wear your hair down, why would you wear it in an updo on your big day? Looking back on your pictures and thinking, “That doesn’t really look like myself”. ( Same goes for makeup)


 2.) Will your venue be indoors or out? This can make a difference on the products used. If its outdoors and the climate is normally wet you don’t want to add anymore moisture to your hair with your style.


 3.) What time of day is your wedding? If it’s in the evening don’t have your hair styled first thing in the morning if at all possible. AND remember to wear a button up shirt the day of. You don’t want to ruin your favorite tee because you need to pull it over your head. FIND ME THE SCISSORS!!


 4.) Do you color your hair? Any changes or additions that you do to your color, make those changes/additions a few weeks prior. What if for some reason there’s a weird crisis?! Then what!?! I’m sure we’ve all seen movie ” Bride Wars.”


 5.) Lastly, do a few trial runs with your stylist. If anything this is your time to come and vent and relax in one of your most visited venues. Bring photos and ideas that you may have. Remember to look like you. This is your BIG day and every stylist wants it to be special and make sure that you are 250% happy with everything hair wise.


Oh and by the way CONGRATS!!!

– Kassie