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Dallas fusion hair extensions or strand by strand is the process of attaching 25-30 individual strands of hair using a variety of bonding agents. A full length application can require 200+ fusion bonds. Typical application time is from 2-4 hours.

The 25 hairs aka strand have a type of glue at the base of the fusion extension. This glue or bond, as it is know is attached using one of two basic methods, hot fusion or cold fusion. Once the fusion hair extension has been attached to your hair it will be referred to as “bonds”.

There are a variety of bonding agents or glues used to attach fusion extensions. Most fusion manufacturers have their own proprietary blend. Everyone is a little bit different but most are based on the same technology.

Dallas Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot fusion is a pretty basic idea. Your hairdresser will pull about 20-25 of strand of your hair through a protective plastic shield. This shield is used to protect you from getting burned from the fusion application tool.

Your stylist will take the hair strand and place the bonded end at the root of the 25 strands of your own hair. The fusion application tool is placed on the bonded end and left there until the adhesive warms. This time depends upon the brand and type of fusion hair extensions being used.

Once the bond is heated up, your stylist will roll the bond in their fingers until it is smooth and cools off going back to its natural firm state. Repeat about 200 times and you have a full set of fusion hair extensions.

Cold fusion is a slightly newer method of fusion. It was designed to be more gentle for the hair. This method uses a keratin-based polymer to attach extensions to the root. As this method uses no heat, it is good for fine or thin hair. The polymer  bond offers more flexibility than hot-glue, and results in more natural-feeling hair. As to whether it lives up to the hype is depends on who you ask. Some love it others do not.

Cold Fusion bonding uses ultrasound waves that are transformed into mechanical energy. The vibration caused by the ultrasound energy is directed only to the area where the 100% keratin tip of the extension meets the client’s natural hair. This vibration crystallizes the bond, forming a strong, invisible and long-lasting hold.

The latest technology of fusion takes everything even further. Great Lengths and Balmain both have methods that apply up to 5 bonds of fusion at one time. The methods use what is called flux technology and is looseley based on hot fusion. These methods offer 2 main benefits, speed and the creation of perfectly formed bonds throughout the application.

A myriad of new tools and techniques are just now hitting the market that promise to change the game on the method that started the hair extension craze.

Dallas fusion hair extensions are considered to be the “best” because the are supposed to last “longer” and “with no damage”. The reality is that they are often over sold and over promised. An average set of strand by strand lasts approximately 3 months. Anyone who claims they last longer isn’t keeping your hair’s best interest in mind.

Your lifestyle and hair density should be taken into consideration as well. Not everyone is a canidate for strand by strand (fusion) hair extensions.

The reality is that there is no “best” hair extension, only the best fit for your needs.


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