Longing for long luscious locks? Hair extensions – Dallas may be the answer.

There is a countless amount of reasons you may find yourself inquiring about extensions. Maybe you want long hair but you’ve never been able to take your own hair past a certain length without it looking stringy and lifeless.

Maybe you’ve cut all your hair off and now you want it back, extensions can help with that awkward grow out stage and make the transition from short to long painless and fast.

It may even be that you like your hair and your length you just wish you had more of it. Whatever the reason for wanting longer or more hair, extensions can help.

My disclaimer. Lawyers do it so it seems smart, read this, then read on to long and lovely hair

When it comes to hair extensions, we always recommend seeing a Hair Extension Expert in Dallas, Texas aka professional hairdresser. We know hair! It is essential you book a consultation – hair extensions are not one size fits all.  This article will touch on what you can expect but it is no substitute for a real life expert who can answer your questions in person.

Trust us, we went to school to learn all about your hair and what makes it happy and healthy. Would you accept a prescription from someone who wasn’t a doctor? What about tax advice from a child?

It takes a long time to grow out hair mistakes and unless you’re committed to being a hat lady those mistakes are going to be displayed 24/7. Here at The Beauty Box Salon we all speak the “hair extensions language”.

We’ve all seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and we are committed to giving you a hair extension service you’re proud of, even if at times that means telling you no.

“Ok, I think I want extensions. I’m overwhelmed with choices…what kind do I want…do I go with Human Hair or Synthetic…Help!”

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic

If you want the most natural looking results you absolutely without a doubt should go with human hair for adding length or volume with a permanent method (synthetic hair has its place and I will touch on that later).

So why is human hair the bee’s knees? Many reasons:

1. It looks and feels the most natural (because it is natural, duh).

2. You can style human hair as you would your own hair with heat tools such as curling irons, flatirons etc. It’s as versatile as your imagination.

3. Human hair lasts longer than Synthetic hair

Very Important: Not all human hair is created equal.

The best quality human hair is called “Remy”  it is sometimes called Optimum Cuticle Hair. What this means is that the hair is processed with the cuticle all laying in the same direction.

Hair that is not processed as carefully means hair that will not last as long as remy. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic, so if you are going to invest, make sure you are investing in quality. Non-remy hair will also not stand up to heat styling well, and will likely tangle very easily. Our advice is to go with Remy and enjoy.

What Kind of Application do I want and how long will they last?

When it comes to extensions there seems to be about as many application methods as there are hair extension companies. The Beauty Box Salon has made it a priority to stay up to date on the latest and greatest methods that will look the most natural and be the least damaging to your hair.

The application that’s right for you will depend on your current hair length, what end result you’re going for, the type and density of your hair and other factors. Once again, this is why a consultation is necessary. Here are a just a few of the methods we offer at The Beauty Box Salon:

Klix Hair Extensions – Dallas
100% Remy Human Hair
No Heat or Glue required to attach
Hair is guided through a silicone lined micro-link then gently secured
Klix are moveable and reusable
No chemical removal
Klix last on average 10-12 weeks with proper maintenance
*** Klix are an amazing hair extension product but might not be suitable for hair that is extremely thin or thinning.

Easilengths Hair Extensions – Dallas
100% Remy Human Hair
No heat required to attach
Attachment is painless and quick
Micro thin wefts are taped on to hair in small sections
Because of the very thin wefts Easilengths lay very, very flat to the head making them virtually undetectable
Easilengths last on average 6-8 weeks with proper maintenance
Easilengths are re-usable and can be moved up once allowing for another 6-8 week wear period with propper maintenance
Suitable for most hair types and lengths
*** Some people might hear “tape” and think ripping or pulling. This couldn’t be further from the truth, when applied and removed correctly easilengths will keep your hair in its original condition***

Balmain aka Double Hair Hair Extensions – Dallas
100% Remy Human Hair
Hair is “sandwiched” between two wefts and secured with a small bond
No heat required for application
Fast and Easy removal
Can be moved and adjusted
*** Balmain may not be suitable for hair that is extremely thin or thinning ***

Clip in Hair Extensions Dallas
Hair on multi sized wefts that attach to your hair using pressure sensitive clips
100% Human Hair
Ideal for occasional extension use
Can be removed for showering, swimming, etc.
As always we are happy to customize your clip in extensions to match your hair style or cut

Synthetic hair is synthetic. It has some advantages as well.

Synthetic hair extensions are sometimes cool because:

1. It looks and feels like human hair – in recent time huge quality improvements have been made to synthetic hair

2. It generally works very well for pieces such as clip in bangs, ponytails, braided headbands, hair wraps, volumizing systems, and clip in highlights.

3. Synthetic hair is not affected by the environment like human hair so it won’t frizz in humidity or lose curl in heat, etc.

4. Synthetic hair is much, much cheaper than human hair so if you need extra hair for a one time event or when you need to make sure your hair is not affected by the weather then synthetic may be a better price point


1. You cannot color synthetic hair.

2. You cannot style all synthetic hair (There are new heat friendly varieties that can withstand heat up to 350 degrees)

3. Synthetic hair will not last very long, and generally the longer the synthetic hair , the shorter the life of it.

The Bottom line:

History has shown that long hair is a sign of youth and fertility and it’s no wonder so many women are obsessed with getting long and full healthy looking hair.

Do your research, ask questions, and most importantly book a consultation with a trust worthy salon professional.

We want you to be informed and feel confident, and when you do decide on extensions we want to be the salon to give them to you!!


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