Tape Hair Extensions | Best Dallas Texas Hair Extensions

Anyone who knows me knows that hair extensions have always been a passion of mine. I was first introduced to hair extensions when I had tried to go lighter with my hair color and it “burned” off my ends. I was mortified and didn’t want to be seen in public. That is until I met taped hair extensions now called easilengths by easihair.

I love all things beauty but easilengths by easihair takes first place with me when it comes to my absolute favorite. Its 100% human hair and it feels like silk. I’m envious of the way it feels up against my own hair and when styling, it holds a better curl than my own. It looks and feels natural. This is something important to me as a stylist and for myself.

Being a hairdresser in Dallas it’s important to use quality products and when you find that right one, it’s hard to use anything else. There is a lot of bad hair and hair stylists out there. Too many hairdressers full of themselves and only care about the cash they produce instead of the quality that actually steps out the door. I like to think of everyone who sits in my chair as a human walking billboard. I want my clients hair to be as perfect as it can be.

Easilengths hair extensions truly are life changing and will give you gorgeous hair. No Easilengths is not going to be everyone’s favorite and hair extensions aren’t for everyone but the salon I work at the beauty Box Salon only carries the best and Easilengths is part of that line up.

I personally wouldn’t recommend anything I don’t believe in and my clients sit satisfied in my chair. In fact clients won’t go a day without it. I have other hair extensions I love to use due to quality and different attachment types…but everyone has a favorite something and easilengths is mine.

It always starts with a consultation and then goes from there. I have been using easilegths for a long time on myself and on my clients and nothing compares when it comes to a tape extension.

I believe all women should know about easilengths tape hair extensions Dallas, it would help enhance any beauty. Famous people shouldn’t be the only ones that have fantastic hair. Taped extensions are also affordable and take less time than most hair extensions. So if your in need of a new do or maybe some holiday or wedding hair easilengths would be perfect for almost anyone.