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Dallas Tape in Hair Extensions consists of a base that has some sort of medical grade adhesive tape used to attach the extensions to the hair. The base can vary in size, shape, and of course the materials used to make it. Another term used to describe tape in hair extensions is seamless hair extensions.

There is much debate as to the history of tape in hair extensions. One of the original versions of tape in hair extensions to reach the main stream market was Diva in a Box Temporary Tape-in Extensions which came out in 2003. The product was launched in Nordsrtoms as a DIY product for the public. It quickly was picked up on the website www.extensions.com.

The original versions of tape Dallas Tape Hair Extensions were made from a very basic construction. Medical grade adhesive tape was attached to the base of wefted hair. The original application would last about a week.

Advances in tape technology and technique quickly allowed the tape in extension application to 6 weeks or more.

With time, the tape in extension method evolved. The wefted base was replaced by a polyurethane base which allowed the tape in extensions to “sandwich” the clients hair in between to very thin panels.

Many companies have gotten on board with the concept because of ease of application and the fact that the tape in extensions are virtually damage free.

There are several companies manufacturing tape in hair extensions. Most claim to be the first or the original creator of the technology. There are limited patents approx 4-6 in the US that allow for the legal application of tape to a base. The differences in the patents are due to the type of base and variances in technology.

The truth is most hair extension manufacturers have just recently gotten on the band wagon of tape in hair extensions. In most markets, the tape in hair extension is considered to be one of the newest technologies in hair extensions.

The same  basic “idea” and application method applies to most of these patents. Where things begin to change and where companies begin to stand out are the ones producing quality human hair and thinner, more secure attachments.

The tape in hair extensions history is definitely based within the wig and hair replacement industry. Tape has been used to secure wigs and hair pieces for years. It was just a matter of time before the two technologies were combined.

Although the tape in hair extension can be used by most hair types it is ideal for the client who has thinner, finer hair. 

The Beauty Box Salon specializes in Dallas Tape Hair Extensions. We don’t just do tape in hair extensions – we kinda help invent it.


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