Finding the right haircut for you starts with knowing what the shape of your face is and choosing a cut that flatters that shape. Trust me, if you don’t have the foggiest idea on how to determine your face shape, you are not alone. However, It really isn’t very difficult to do. Common face shapes include round, oval, square, heart shaped, diamond, triangular, and rectangular. So, without further adieu…. Lets figure out what shape your face is.

To start, stand in front of a mirror that is at least larger than your face. Then with a steady hand, carefully trace your face shape with something that will wipe off of the mirror. I suggest an old eyeliner or lip liner pencil, lipstick, or my favorite, a dry erase marker. Do not include your ears in the tracing of your face.

Once you have the outline of your face finished, step back and try to ask yourself these questions:

1. Is my face as long as it is wide, with the widest part of your face being at the top of your cheekbones? If the answer is yes, you likely have a round face.

2. Is my face longer than it is wide? Does my face seem to have a narrowing chin with a higher forehead? If the answer is yes, then your face shape is either oblong or rectangular.

3. Is my forehead narrower than my jaw line? If yes, you have a diamond face shape.

4. Do I have a distinguished jaw line with a squared off hairline? And does my jaw line have roughly the same width as my forehead? If yes, your face is square.

5. Are my forehead and cheekbones wider than my jaw? If yes, your face is heart shaped.

6. Does my outline feature a broad jaw but narrow hairline? If yes, your face is likely triangular.

Here are a few examples of face shapes: