Ever wonder why there are so many bad hair extension stories going around? These tales have almost become somewhat of an urban legendMy best friend’s sister’s cousin had extensions and all of her hair broke off when she had them removed. Hair extensions are evil and will ruin your hair! (insert sinister music here) Sound familiar?

So, Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

The reality is that there are several factors involved in the failure of any hair extension system.

I think the blame begins with the hair extension manufacturers themselves. Most companies making extensions are so set on selling stylists on a one day training to “learn everything about hair extensions” that they short sell the entire art that I call hair extensions.

There are lots of things a stylists and client wearing hair extensions need to know.

You cannot teach hair extensions in one day. Can you give an intro? Yes. Can they show how to apply the extension? Yes.Can they give stylists the complete picture on how to successfully implement a hair extension program in their salon? No.

A successful hairdresser did not learn how to cut hair in one day. An awesome stylist did not take a one day class on hair color and became a color expert the next day. More than likely they worked their butts off for years learning their craft. It takes dedication and passion to truly be able to make these services look so easy.

Hair extensions are right up there with cutting and coloring. It takes time to learn how to properly take care of the client who wants hair extensions. You cannot just slap in extensions and expect everything to always be great.

Can hair extensions damage hair? Yes, but they shouldn’t. The truth is that there are times when problems arise with hair extensions. Good stylists working in a salon that have programs in place have the ability to problem solve anything that happens.

They also have the proper education for the client wearing the hair extensions. Hair extension experts are not afraid to let their clients know when they are doing something wrong.

If your hairdresser doesn’t know the ins and outs of hair extensions then they very well may be setting you up to fail. If your stylist doesn’t know how to properly operate hair extensions, then how are you supposed to?

If you have heard bad things about hair extensions keep in mind that you have probably heard bad things about hair color. This has not stopped you from getting your highlights done.  I won’t even go into hair cuts. Everyone has had at least one traumatic haircut experience.

A skilled hair extensionist has the ability to transform your look like nothing else. Outside of a face lift or cosmetic surgery there isn’t a service out there that can deliver the results that beautiful hair extensions can.

So, next time you hear a horror story about hair extensions, keep in mind that most people who wear extensions all the time, are more than satisfied.

Hair extensions are a solution to many problems and can give you the confidence to just be yourself. That is the real gift of a talented hair extension expert.


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