Okay so it is one of those days where your hair is all unruly – slightly puffy, slightly feral, a little greasy, yet with more fly-aways than a teen in the 70s. You may have spent hundreds of dollars on smoothing products and flat irons since high school to achieve that wash and walk sort of hair your friends have. To have those covetable locks that sit obediently on top of your head in humid weather conditions is what we all want, and we will show you how to keep your untamable strands under control with these easy, everyday styles:

The Wave1212

Waves are the easiest way to tame your mane without making it look like you spent hours of effort on it. Simply scrunch your wet hair in a towel and hold on for a minute, and repeat. You can use salt water or sugar water to get beachy waves as well. Just dab on a bit of serum so that your waves appear healthy and shiny.




Braid up!1212

Braids can be a chic, yet edgy way to make a statement when you enter a room. There is an assortment of ways to wear your braid, like a chunky side braid, or over the head messy crown braid, a trendy center part braid, or slim braids weaved in the waves of your hair. Also, Braids are an easy way to blend in your fly-aways.



An easy ponytail1212

When all else fails, tie your hair in a ponytail. It can’t get any simpler than this, and it can also be bunched up on top and converted to a messy knot that practically hides away all your hair flaws. You can also go for a sleek pony tail by using hair serums and bobby pins to make your hair appear luxurious.





The Beauty Box Salon knows how to persuade your hair into looking well-kept and healthy. If you don’t have the length to weave your hair into braids, or add glossy waves to them, we have a variety of hair extensions, like tape-in hair extensions by Hairdreams, available at our disposal to give you the big, sexy hair you deserve!