Article and Hair by Jennifer Pompa

I recently did hair for a fall fashion spread in La Mode Dallas Magazine. This is my second editorial with the magazine and it is always an honor. 

As I've learned with Editorial styling, you never know exactly what to expect. Its always a challenge when the very first time you've seen the models or their hair is an hour before the shots are being taken, but hey, that's half the fun!! 

This was especially true for this shoot. I started with a vision and a style for each of the models in the comfort of a styling area complete with electricity and styling tools. Then we made a move to our location: White Rock lake, with no electricity, and only hairspray, bobby pins, and a "little wonder" teasing brush in tow. 

As soon as we hit the location for the first shot, the skies opened up and rained on all of us and on my models hair. My improvisation skills sprung into action, I added a few braids, and got to teasing with my little wonder!

Surprisingly, the rain did the hair good, it gave it a " textured, messy" look that was actually perfect for the spread. The styling, cloudy background, and undone "done" hair made the perfect combination. 

You can check out the finished results below, I literally scanned the magazine into my computer so apologies for the super defined page breaks.